Sitting Down With The Bookies: NFL Week 14, Stanley Cup Predictions

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It’s our favourite time of the week! The time where we get to go behind the scenes and chat to the online sportsbook Sports Interaction. We get their input on matters, and find out what the week was like from the bookies perspective.

Hopefully they won’t be too mad at us after we cleaned up there yesterday! Let’s sit down with Sports Interaction and talk about the week that’s passed:

What was your biggest loss this week?

It was in the SEC Championship game. The line for that one was Alabama -14, and people were all over that. It didn’t have the biggest handle or anything – but it was just insanely one sided. And sure enough – Alabama destroyed Missouri 42-13.

And biggest win?

Oh – easily the Bills vs Broncos. We’ve talked in recent weeks about how the Broncos are the publics most popular pick. The line on that one was Broncos -10 and everyone was in it. Of course, Broncos only won by 7 points, failed to cover the spreads and thank you very much Peyton Manning!

Any big action on NBA or UFC – they just had UFC 181.

We’re seeing a lot more action on the Toronto Raptors. People were still a bit hesitant early in the season but the action is piling in on them now. In UFC Robbie Lawler was the underdog but is a popular pick for the public – and his split decision win was great for the punters.

What crazy parlays were won this week?

The most notable was an 85/1 parlay. It had 4 selections. The Patriots and the Cardinals straight up with no point spread. Then, it had New England and LA Galaxy to be a draw at the end of 90 minutes – that was in the MLS Final. The final one which was impressive was Ducks vs Jets – they backed that one to be a draw at the end of regulation. Those bets are always big odds and it paid out well.

On the topic of NHL – who’s winning the Stanley Cup?

Well at this point of the game we have three teams priced evenly. The Ducks, The Penguins and the Blackhawks. We’re cheering on the Blackhawks – mainly because the Ducks are the team that are getting the most action. All three teams are 10/1 but the Ducks are the most attractive for the bettors. Hopefully they don’t do it!

Where’s the action this week?

We know in Vegas, Johnny Football is affecting the lines. It’s not really happening to us though. We’re seeing very little action there – probably because it’s such an unknown factor.

Most of the action is going on the Patriots, who are -7.5 against the Dolphins. 7.5 points you usually see the action on the underdogs, but Brady is getting it all at the moment. The other big team is the Green Bay Packers. Only 4.5 against the Bills, and a lot of action there. Interestingly – early in the week the most bet game was the Panthers who were -6 against the Bucs. However Cam Newton had his car crash obviously – and that one isn’t seeing as much action now.