Euro 2012 Mobile Betting for Americans

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If you’re an American wanting to bet on Euro 2012 via your mobile phone, then this is the page for you.

Mobile Betting is the wave of the future, and there are quite a few US-friendly online sportsbooks that accept Americans. Unfortunately for a lot of them the software is rather weak – however there are still some great options for Americans wanting to bet on their cellphone or mobile devices.

Below I have listed the best online sportsbooks for mobile betting for people in the United States of America and I have personally tested and bet at each one.

The list is in alphabetical order:

5Dimes Mobile Betting:

  • Software: 5Dimes use a mobile website. However I should warn you that the mobile site isn’t very good. I’ve had a lot of problems betting and being forced to log in repeatedly. I don’t even see the mobile site LINKED on the 5Dimes website anymore(even though it still exists) which makes me wonder if they have practically forgotten about it – even though you will get automatically moved to it if you access from your smartphone.
  • Additional Features: By offering a mobile website instead of an app, it offers maximum compatability. As long as your phone has a web browser it should work.
  • Mobile Bonus: No mobile betting bonus.
  • How To Access: Register an account via your computer at 5Dimes Regular Website. After that, you can either access from your cellphone which will automatically forward you to 5Dimes.TV, or just go straight to 5Dimes.TV.

Bet Revolution Mobile Betting:

  • Software: Bet Revolution don’t offer a mobile app. They offer a mobile betting website which will allow you to access it no matter your phone. Whether it is a Blackberry, iPhone, Android or any phone with an internet browser, you’ll be able to access their website.
  • Additional Features: It is very fast software, and works great. You can tell that people who actually mobile bet were testing this software out. The mobile betting site is fantastic and very user-friendly.
  • Mobile Bonus: No mobile betting bonus.
  • How To Access: Simply register an account via your computer at Bet Revolution. Whenever you access Bet Revolution from your cellphone, it will automatically divert you to their mobile website.

Bovada Mobile Betting:

  • Software: Bovada offer both a QR Code to scan or just a URL to visit to access the Bovada Mobile Betting website from your cellphone. The software is very simplistic and easy to use. It officially is only compatible with iPhone 3 and up, and Android, however I have tested it with other devices and it works great.
  • Additional Features: Bovada also offer live, in-play betting so you bet during games. This can be done via your mobile device. On top of that, Bovada offer everything imaginable via their mobile website like props, futures and parlays.
  • Mobile Bonus: Bovada currently do not offer a mobile betting exclusive bonus, however they DO offer $100 free for all new customers.
  • How To Access: Visit Bovada on your computer and register an account. Deposit(as you can’t do this in the mobile device) then simply visit to access the Bovada mobile website.

There are other mobile-betting sportsbooks out there for Americans, however these are my best picks out of the variety of sportsbooks I tried. Yes, even 5Dimes – sometimes their odds makes it worthwhile to jump through the hoops!