Chargers vs Patriots, Eagles vs Saints Betting Tips

Sunday, January 13th sees two interesting games take place in the NFL Playoffs.

The early game will see the New England Patriots take on the LA Chargers. The Patriots are just 4 point favourites in that one.

The New Orleans Saints play later and are much bigger favourites against the Philadelphia Eagles at 8 points. However the Eagles seem to have some sort of wizardry going on when it comes to the playoffs so it’s hard to count them out.

It’s going to be a great day as we find out who will face off in the Conference Championships next week.

Here’s my thoughts:

Chargers vs Patriots Betting Tips:

This should be a very interesting game. There are of course questions about Tom Brady and the Patriots but this will be the Pats at their best yet – injuries and suspensions hurt them with Edelman, Gronk and of course the Josh Gordon situation.

Patriots defense started slow on the season but got better and impressively at home they let in just one rushing TD.

The Patriots didn’t lose once at home this season and they are the lone team in the NFL to do that. The best one of their home victories would no doubt be that Chiefs win back in October.

I just don’t know how we can bet against the Patriots in the post season in Foxboro. Yes the Chargers are a fantastic road team with an 8-1 record but it’s the Patriots. Brady isn’t having his best year but it’s still been a damn solid year. There are at least two losses by the Pats this season where it just came down to dumb errors (like the Dolphins game).

I just think the Patriots offense is too versatile and their defense is rested and will step it up.

I’ve got to go with Brady to get yet another win over Rivers.

Patriots -4

Eagles vs Saints Betting Tips:

8 points is such a ballsy line. All the media have did this week is talk about Foles and his magic. I don’t blame them one bit for that either. It’s a fun story.

When you look at the stats, it’s a pretty fair line. The Eagles are not a great road team while the Saints perform very good at the SuperDome. That 48-7 game has to be fresh in peoples minds where it could have been much, much worse.

Eagles also stumbled in here thanks to a very poor Bears offense and of course the missed field goal. I mean I guess their defense stepped up? But the offense for the Bears was downright terrible in my opinion.

The Philly D has got better against the pass but Brees is a beast.

I think the game plan is there to beat the Saints or at least compete. Don’t bother with the run too much. Lots of short passes. Work the magic. Cancel out Michael Thomas. Pressure Brees.

It’s a head vs heart thing. The head says to take the Saints and that they should blow the Eagles out – but the Eagles love this underdog tag. They’ve worked magic before and who am I to bet against magic?

A begrudging play on the Eagles +8.

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