F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2017 Betting Tips

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This weekend sees the return of the Formula 1 after a couple of weeks off, as they take on the prestigious Monaco circuit.

Last year Lewis Hamilton got a big win on this track, breaking the grasp that Nico Rosberg had on it. Rosberg had won on this course 3 times in a row from 2013 through 2015.

Practice kicked off on Thursday and there’s been a few interesting results such as the performance of Mercedes. It looks like there was issues in regard to how they set up the car and that caused quite a few issues.

You have to wonder if that’s going to cause issues for them going into the race and if so how it will affect Ferrari. This may end up being very positive for Ferrari. One things for sure there’s no “rest day” in the Mercedes camp.

The sportsbooks certainly agree that this could spell trouble for Mercedes. Sebastian Vettel has now moved into a fairly strong favourite to win this race. This would be the second time that Vettel has won. Vettel won with Red Bull-Renault back in 2011.

Here are my bets for the race:

F1 Monaco Grand Prix Winner: Sebastian Vettel

I actually placed this bet before practice. I forgot it was a Thursday practice so that threw me off unfortunately or I would have got the tips out sooner. The odds then were 11/8. What’s happened in practice has made me a bit more confident – although Mercedes are a top team so I expect they’ll get their issues sorted out.

However I just generally prefer the Ferrari chassis over Mercedes around Monaco. And while Hamilton, Vettels closest competitor, won here last year he really struggled to beat his teammate in a far fight the years before that. So I’m feeling good about Vettel getting the W here.

F1 Monaco Grand Prix Top 6 Finish:

I’m betting Esteban Ocon to get a Top 6 finish.

This is a tricky one because again I bet prior to practice and the odds have changed bloody drastically. Ocon was 2/1 at the time and now he’s at 4/1.

I don’t feel anywhere near as confident after seeing the practices. My thoughts prior to it were that Ocon should be able to get amongst the big three teams and that the Force India is a pretty decent car that could do well here. I’m not feeling as good now. So it’s your call if you want to back it or not.

F1 Monaco Grand Prix Both Cars:

My final bet is on a Both Cars Point Finish and I am betting NO.

That bet is on Red Bull.

For a variety of reasons Red Bull hasn’t had Ricciardo and Verstappen both finish more than once this season. To be honest I just don’t see this changing here. The odds have slightly drifted since before practice but I’m fine with sticking with this one. More confident than my Top 6 finish that’s for sure.