May 9th, 2016 Betting Tips: NBA, NHL

Welcome to the free sports betting tips for May 9th, 2016.

Yes, we’re a little bit later today, but then the EPL is more or less done and dusted, so we’re not looking solely at the US sports, at least for a couple of weeks anyway until Euro 2016. On the subject of the EPL, surely I’m not the only one pleased to see the bookies paying on on a 5,000/1 shot. Sure, they’ll have recouped it and then some with all the losing bets made on Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United, but why let that get in the way of a good story of the bookies getting hammered? It was great to see Leicester City finish their home games this season with a huge win, too, and even better to see Spurs still have a chance of blowing second place, albeit only a slim one. It’s amazing that Spurs have dropped the most points after being in a winning position this season – just think, Spurs fans, how different it could have been if your team could have held on to a lead. Still, there’s always next season. Now all that’s left are the final European places, and the relegations places in the EPL, and with some big midweek fixtures coming up this week, we’ll hopefully get a grandstand finish for those places, too.

But tonight it’s all about the playoffs as the Trailblazers host the Warriors, after the Raptors take a trip down south to Miami, and we have to huge games in the NHL with both Nashville and Dallas looking to keep their respective series going as they are both looking at a 2-3 deficit going into tonight’s games.

So let’s get onto the free sports betting tips for May 9th, 2016.

Notable Upcoming Bets:

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MLB Adjusted Run Lines Yes
WWE Futures Champions End of 2021 Yes
Popcorn Eating World Championship Yes BetOnline
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NBA Betting Tips

It’s hard to find an angle on the Miami and Toronto game. It’s close on paper, it’s close in reality, it’s close in the bookies’ eyes, and it’s close in mine, too. I don’t expect a great showing from either side, as injury start to plague them, and it might just be a case of who can get through the series without the fewest injuries that win. Just watch it before the more exciting game starts later.

So, without Stephen Curry, things haven’t been plain sailing for the Warriors, but they’re still scoring well enough and winning most of the time. Can they go it again tonight against at good-looking Blazers side? Well, probably, but there have been a few question marks over the side that hadn’t cropped up earlier in the year. Instead of chancing your arm on how well the Warriors will bounce back, get on the points line, over 215.5 points Golden State @ Portland, as it’s going to be another open one.

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NHL Betting Tips

Like the game in Miami in the NBA playoffs, the Dallas @ St Louis game, while big on paper, doesn’t have an edge for us. The Blues are rightly favourites, and I like them to close the series out tonight, but there’s no value in the selection, as the bookies have this one right. The one thing is that the last two St Louis have won, they’ve won big, so a small play on St Louis -1.5 would be the tentative choice, but only for half a unit or so.

Instead, like the NBA, wait for the later game, as there is some value to be had in a series that has favoured the home sides. Sure, Nashville were lucky to get out of triple-overtime with the win, but you know what, it doesn’t matter, because a win is a win. Predators ML is the selection purely on value alone, as they have looked solid at home during this series, and as this is such a huge game, they should be looking to make the most of that advantage before what would be a tie-braking rubber, in a similar scenario as they found themselves in against the Ducks in the first round. Go for the value on Nashville tonight.

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