NHL Bets: February 25th, 2020

It was quite the NHL trade deadline yesterday.

I think Oilers picking up Athanasiou will end up being the more savvy pick.

And the New York Rangers got their man! Now you have to think they are going to make a push for the playoffs.

A lot of games today so let’s jump right in with analysis of every game and if we have a bet on it.

Flames at Bruins: Bruins will be looking to bounce back after getting humiliated by Vancouver. They are a great bounce back team and I like them to do that. Not much to say here other than Bruins will step up to the plate I expect and it doesn’t matter the opposition. 2u on Bruins in regulation at -135.

Stars at Hurricanes: Carolina should be rejuvenated after that Leafs win. Team morale is at an all time high here. They need to make a push for the playoffs. Of course the concern is their goalie situation. However I am going to back them to win regardless but a small play. 1u on Hurricanes -115

Islanders at Rangers: I gotta take the Rangers here. They have been incredible and they got their man. 1u on Rangers to win at +225.

Sharks at Flyers: Flyers are an incredible home team and are coming into this one on a good run. Sharks are struggling bad. 2u on Flyers in regulation at -135.

Leafs at Lightning: There’s a possibility the Leafs step it up tonight after that horrendous game against the Hurricanes which makes the over appealing however when I asked Graeme his thoughts he said “don’t talk to me about the f-ing Leafs. An f-ing zamboni driver”. So I am going to choose to stay away from this game.

Canucks at Canadiens: The Canucks are not the greatest road team they are more lethal at home as the Bruins discovered. However I like them here. The Habs have no chance at the playoffs and are very poor. 1u on Canucks +110.

Jets at Capitals: Jets struggle against the top teams and Capitals just got back on their winning ways. To be honest I’m not 100% confident in the Capitals though. On paper I think the Jets have value so I’m choosing to stay away from this one as well.

Devils at Red Wings: Red Wings are horrible. Devils look like they are just out there having fun. Red Wings gutted their team. Maybe that will motivate them. Devils lost out on Simmonds which hurts. I think it is a good price on the Devils but I can’t bet it.

Blackhawks at Blues: Blues should win this with their excellent defensive performances but Hawks can flip a switch and score 10 goals on a whim so no thanks.

Jackets at Wild: The Jackets finally ended their losing run. However I think Wild will crush them here. In saying that Wild are inconsistent enough that I am staying away.

Senators at Predators: Senators have the chance to upset anyone it seems but it’s not worth betting them here. Preds are too tough to call. I don’t hate a value play on the Sens though.

Panthers at Coyotes: Two teams who seem allergic to the playoffs. No thanks.

Oilers at Ducks: I like the Oilers here. However I find when we like the Oilers that’s a time where they blow it. Also they just got over that bad run in LA so they will be on a high and lose this one. I’ll stay away. It’s just a standard Oilers game where it makes all the sense in the world for them to win so they won’t!

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