(WC2014) Korea Republic vs Algeria Betting Tips

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On June 22nd, after Belgium and Russia have played, Korea Republic will take on Algeria in the 4th game in Group H.

Algeria were completely dominated by Belgium in their first game – although in saying that, Belgium weren’t that great either. It was one of those things where Algeria practically gave up possession and sat back. That plan can work if you have the outlets to counter attack but Algeria really didn’t have that. It was one of those games where if Belgium had any lethal finishing going on, it would have been a rugby score.

South Korea played a cautious and tight game, without looking pressured at all against the Russians. However what was interesting was when Russia went 1-0 down – the Russians changed shape, switched to attack for the rest of the game, and really ripped the Koreans to shreds in terms of chances and opportunities.

Algeria don’t really have the skill in attack do to that though – and can they break down the Koreans?

Algeria vs Korea Republic Betting Odds:

South Korea To Win: 13/10
Draw: 23/10
Algeria To Win: 5/2
Over 2.5 Goals: 27/20
Under 2.5 Goals: 4/7

The best odds for Algeria vs Korea Republic .

Algeria vs South Korea Betting Tips:

I apologize BTW for using both “South Korea” and “Korea Republic”. I’m used to saying “South Korea” but then I see “Korea Republic” everywhere and I go back and forth.

For this one I think South Korea to win is a great bet.

Algeria looked useless against the Belgians, and despite the statistics, Belgium were not that great. They were honestly just an ordinary team playing against a much, much weaker team.

If Korea want to qualify they need to beat Algeria, it’s that simple. How they will go about that will be interesting – but they work very well as a team, and are good on the counter. They can also build up an attack.

I honestly couldn’t sit here and justify betting on Algeria for any odds. I just can’t see them making a dent in this game – Korea should dominate it no matter how they play. They will most likely dominate the possession, and nullify any counter attack by Algeria – who as I said cant’ do it anyway.

All our computer simulations point to Korea winning, and we’re going with that.

Korea Republic to win. 13/10 odds.

South Korea vs Algeria Betting Props:

I’m happy with just the Korea Republic bet to win.

However if you’re looking for a prop, I’d expect a quiet first half. Draw-South Korea at 9/2 is tempting based on that. Very nice odds actually.

The second half having the most goals is 11/10 which I think is good too. I do think it will be a quiet first half.

Personally I would stick with Korea Republic to win, and put a decent bet on that. But if you must go for props, those are the two I’d look at.