Lawro Audit 2: FA Cup 1

Well, it’s the FA Cup Third Round and Mark Lawrenson is back with his FA Cup special. I have to say, last year it messed up his season, because there’s so many games and Lawro tends to hit the post more often than score a hat-trick. We have some big games this weekend, but it’s going to be interesting to see the strength of the teams that the big guns put out. The gulf between the so-called weaker teams and the Premiership sides’ second string isn’t too big as we’ve seen in the past, so if there are some weaker sides put out, prepare for some shocks.

Lawro has been on a bit of a winning streak right now, but I have to admit that I have been waiting for it to come to a spectacular end. Yes, I’m sure it’ll happen this week, because it didn’t happen last week. Worryingly, he didn’t make a loss either. Yes, Lawro, in his second midweek prediction column, managed to break even, which, for fans of the Lawro Audit, will know it’s as good as a win. The main reason is that he got the correct score in the Stoke vs Watford game at 15/2, which always helps. Lawro also predicted a win for Tottenham over Chelsea, which paid a nice 7/4, too. So Lawro stays on a profit of +27.10 units, for the season, which will no doubt be decimated by the end of the FA Cup Third Round.

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West Ham vs Manchester City

Lawro Prediction: Manchester City win 2-1

Manchester City win price: 4/7

Correct score price: 7/1

Manchester United vs Reading

Lawro Prediction: Manchester United win 2-0

Manchester United win price: 2/9

Correct score price: 11/2

Accrington Stanley vs Luton

Lawro Prediction: Accrington Stanley win 2-1

Accrington Stanley win price: 8/5

Correct score price: 17/2

Barrow vs Rochdale

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 11/4

Correct score price: 11/2

Birmingham vs Newcastle

Lawro Prediction: Newcastle win 2-0

Newcastle win price: 10/11

Correct score price: 15/2

Blackpool vs Barnsley

Lawro Prediction: Barnsley win 2-0

Barnsley win price: 23/20

Correct score price: 10/1

Bolton vs Crystal Palace

Lawro Prediction: Crystal Palace win 2-1

Crystal Palace win price: 5/4

Correct score price: 8/1

Brentford vs Eastleigh

Lawro Prediction: Brentford win 2-0

Brentford win price: 1/3

Correct score price: 6/1

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Brighton vs MK Dons

Lawro Prediction: Brighton win 2-0

Brighton win price: 1/2

Correct score price: 13/2

Bristol City vs Fleetwood

Lawro Prediction: Bristol City win 2-1

Bristol City win price: 3/4

Correct score price: 7/1

Everton vs Leicester

Lawro Prediction: Everton win 2-1

Everton win price: 3/4

Correct score price: 15/2

Huddersfield vs Port Vale

Lawro Prediction: Huddersfield win 3-0

Huddersfield win price: 9/20

Correct score price: 8/1

Hull vs Swansea

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 5/2

Correct score price: 11/2

Ipswich vs Lincoln

Lawro Prediction: Ipswich win 2-1

Ipswich win price: 4/7

Correct score price: 7/1

Millwall vs Bournemouth

Lawro Prediction: Bournemouth win 2-0

Bournemouth win price: 10/11

Correct score price: 8/1

Norwich vs Southampton

Lawro Prediction: Norwich win 2-0

Norwich win price: 11/5

Correct score price: 14/1

QPR vs Blackburn

Lawro Prediction: QPR win 2-1

QPR win price: 7/5

Correct score price: 8/1

Rotherham vs Oxford

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 12/5

Correct score price: 5/1

Stoke vs Wolves

Lawro Prediction: Stoke win 2-1

Stoke win price: 8/13

Correct score price: 7/1

Sunderland vs Burnley

Lawro Prediction: Sunderland win 1-0

Sunderland win price: 13/10

Correct score price: 6/1

Sutton vs Wimbledon

Lawro Prediction: Wimbledon win 2-0

Wimbledon win price: 21/20

Correct score price: 9/1

Watford vs Burton

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 31/10

Correct score price: 13/2

West Brom vs Derby

Lawro Prediction: West Brom win 2-1

West Brom win price: 4/5

Correct score price: 15/2

Wigan vs Nottingham Forest

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 5/2

Correct score price: 11/2

Wycombe vs Stourbridge

Lawro Prediction: Wycombe win 2-0

Wycombe win price: 2/7

Correct score price: 5/1

Preston vs Arsenal

Lawro Prediction: 1-1 draw

Draw price: 4/1

Correct score price: 8/1

Cardiff vs Fulham

Lawro Prediction: Cardiff win 1-0

Cardiff win price: 19/10

Correct score price: 9/1

Liverpool vs Plymouth

Lawro Prediction: Liverpool win 2-0

Liverpool win price: 2/11

Correct score price: 11/2

Chelsea vs Peterborough

Lawro Prediction: Chelsea win 3-0

Chelsea win price: 1/6

Correct score price: 6/1

Middlesbrough vs Sheffield Wednesday

Lawro Prediction: Sheffield Wednesday win 1-0

Sheffield Wednesday win price: 7/2

Correct score price: 9/1

Tottenham vs Aston Villa

Lawro Prediction: Tottenham win 2-0

Tottenham win price: 3/10

Correct score price: 11/2

Cambridge vs Leeds

Lawro Prediction: Leeds win 2-0

Leeds win price: 21/20

Correct score price: 8/1

You know, with all these predictions, I’ll just leave it at that. Needless to say, I can’t see Lawro turning a profit here, but then I’ve been thinking that quite a bit lately and he’s been pulling out the wins recently, so what do I know about Lawro’s predictions? He’s went for a few outsiders, with Norwich to win and also Sheffield Wednesday to win, so if he can cop a correct score there, then he should surely crack a profit for the FA Cup Third Roud.

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