Sitting Down With The Bookies: NFL 14/15 Week 3, MLB Playoffs

This is the weekly segment where we sit down with the bookies – the people who set the NFL lines, and ask them how their week was. Whether the sportsbooks took a pounding, or if they killed it that week and Vegas was full of depression.

The last two weeks have been pretty epic for the sportsbooks – but they expected it to settle down this week. Will that have happened? We’ll be talking to them not just about the NFL, but about various other sporting events that have occurred already or are occuring in the next few weeks.

As always, thanks to Sports Interaction for doing this with us.

Did The Punters Bounce Back?

After two solid weeks for the bookies, it was a much more mixed week. There were ups and downs all over the place but ultimately it balanced out. This is a good thing for the bookies because their goal is to balance out and that’s what happened in week 3 of the NFL.

2 Big Games:

Action wise, the biggest games were the 2 latter ones – usually an indicator that there are a lot of bettors who are chasing their money. The Pittsburgh Steelers vs Carolina Panthers game and the Chicago Bears vs New York Jets games saw the most action.

The public heavily leaned towards the Panthers and of course the Steelers on there which was a big blow. However the betting money came down fast and curious on Monday night, with everyone backing the underdogs the Chicago Bears. It probably would have been a better week for the bookies if not for that, and the linesmakers admitted in retrospect, “setting the Chicago Bears as the underdog was an embarrassment.”

Where’s the NFL Action in Week 4?

No big surprise – but Atlanta Falcons -3 against the Vikings is seeing a lot of money. No-one trusts the Vikings at the moment and this seems like a nice easy win. The bookies hate to move a line off 3, but it’s going to happen if it hasn’t already.

After the Jets performances the last couple of weeks, despite some close games, the Detroit Lions -2 is getting a lot of the money as well.

Any Massive Winners this Weekend?

At Sports Interaction there was a big 8-fold parlay. The odds on this bad boy were 157/1 and it was a mix of sports – baseball, soccer and tennis. It came in big though.

How Are The Baseball Playoffs Looking?

With football back, baseball isn’t getting as much action but it’s stils steady, and the Angels, Dodgers and Nats are the teams getting most of the backing.

That’s All Folks:

That’s it for this week. Clearly we’re starting to see the tide turn and if the bookies set more lines like Falcons -3, it could come back to bite them in future weeks. There’s going to be a lot of money going on the Falcons, and that Lions line is very appealing too.

Going to be an interesting week this week, and we’re looking forward to chatting to the bookies again next week, to see if they are embarrassed about that Falcons line or not.

As always, thanks to Sports Interaction for this.

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