Sitting Down With The Bookies: NFL Week 7

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(It’s that very special time again where we sit down with the bookies, Sports Interaction, and chat to them about how things went in their last week. Last week was NFL Week 7 and with everyone knowing the teams more we’re bound to see more action.

The NHL season is back and a couple of weeks in, and a lot of interesting NFL games last week. Did the bookies get slaughtered? Are they rolling in it? Let’s check with them and see.

Worst Game for The Bookies?

Without a doubt – the Broncos defeating and covering the spread over the 49ers. That was the worst game of the year for us bookies. Everything you could imagine was against us for that game. I mean for one, the public just loves Peyton Manning and have so much faith in him. It was a Sunday night prime time game which always gets a ton of acton, and then the 49ers were on a short week – another thing that always gets action.

We got beat up hard on that one.

Best Game for the Bookies?

Seahawks vs Rams. Easily. No-one expected the Seahawks to lose to the Rams. No-one expected the Seahawks to lose back to back. Not only did we win a lot off the Rams, but this broke so many parlays and teasers as well. Thank you St Louis!

How was College Football?

Lot of action on Notre Dame vs Florida State – NFL levels in fact. What’s even more outstanding is the line was only up later in the week as no-one knew about the quarterback situation at FSU. It was amazing just how much money we took in on that game in such a limited time frame.

How was the NHL?

Lightning vs Oilers got a ton of action. Everyone was all on Tampa as you can imagine. Oilers pulled out the huge win which was great for us.

Where’s the Money in NFL this week?

The 2 biggest bets are the Packers and the Browns. The Packers are underdogs against the Saints, and the public are loving getting those points with Rodgers. Rare to see the Packers as underdogs so people jumping on it.

Browns are -7.5 against the Raiders and people clearly don’t see anything outstanding from the Raiders. Surprise to see that action on a 7.5 line though.

Two other road teams are getting a lot of actions – but they’re both favourites. Colts and Jaguars.

Thanks as always to Sports Interaction for this.