Sitting Down With The Bookies: Post Super Bowl XLIX Edition

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It’s been a couple of weeks since we last checked in with our friends at Sports Interaction. We last spoke to them before the Super Bowl.

If this is your first time reading this sort of article – every week we try and sit down with our friends at the online sportsbook Sports Interaction. We chat to them about the gambling, and get their perspective on how things went. It’s always pretty insightful.

Let’s talk to them in this post Super Bowl XLIX edition, and see how things are going:

How was the Super Bowl?

WIth most Super Bowls when it comes to the game and all the bets, it’s usually very even. That was the same for this one. We didn’t kill it or anything – but we did good business, as the majority of books did.

We also did very well on props which we were happy about. Usually when the favourite wins – as is what happened for the MVP – it hurts the books but it worked out well. We had a nice balance.

We will admit that Patriots winning did help us. We had a fairly big liability on them so on the game itself, we broke even. It helped us with the futures as well.

What Were The Most Notable Prop Bets?

First TD scorer helped us out – but the big one hilariously was the coin toss. It landed on tails, and only 37% of the action was on tails so we cashed back there. Thank you Heads!

Football is Over – What’s Next?

Well for us we’re not as worried as previous years as both NBA & NHL are very competitive.

Looking at the overall wagering amount, basketball is the bigger sport at the moment. Not just NBA but college basketball as well as international and we see a lot more global audience when it comes to basketball.

However NBA and NHL are both very similar in terms of action, with most NBA bets on the point spread, and NHL on the money line.

How has NHL been the last few weeks?

Well everyone is betting against the Oilers at the moment. We also saw quite the change on betting when it came to the Blackhawks west coast trip, when they took on Kings, Ducks and of course the Sharks. The big one the last few weeks was Habs vs Bruins though and we got a lot of action on that.

We lost a ton though on Oilers vs Leafs. Everyone was all over the Leafs on that one – being a Canada sportsbook we get lots of Leafs action and the bettors walked away happy after that one.

And What About NBA?

With NBA you see a lot more public team action, as opposed to NHL where they bet against the weak team. I mean the Bulls – they are about 45% ATS win ratio, yet get most of the action. Hawks are about 75% ATS yet get little action. Quite interesting to see.