Sitting Down With The Bookies: They Crushed It

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It’s our favourite time of the week – when we sit down with a sportsbook and hear how things went for them in the past week, gambling wise.

This season for the NFL we’ve hooked up exclusively with Sports Interaction who are kind enough to answer our questions – and try not to brag too much if they’ve had a good week.

So without further ado let’s hit them with the questions and see how they are doing at the halfway point of the NFL Regular Season:

How was Week 8 for the Sportsbooks?

Hmmm…….how best to put this? Let’s see. Take your Birthday. Take Christmas. Now take the day the Berlin Wall fell down. Put them all on the same day. That feeling you have? Not even close to how great we felt after this last week.

Why Is That?

Cowboys baby!

The Cowboys are on a roll, and are getting TONS of betting action. They’re part of almost every parlay, and everyone is betting them.

Then you have Monday Night Football – the night where you see the most action of the week. Even if it’s the most boring matchup ever – people always bet on it.

This week, we saw so much ridiculous action on the Dallas Cowboys. It was insane. Just stacks and stacks of money on them. They’re a public team, the most public team in the history of the NFL, a big favourite against the pitiful Washington Redskins. And what happens? They lose. They LOSE!

Just a wonderful week for us.

Other than that game, how did the public do?

Not too good, to be honest. Packers were a big pick and of course the Saints pulled out there. Colts lost and that was another one that the public bet heavily on. Nobody knew Big Ben had it in him.

Patriots destroyed the Bears – but their ATS record was 3-4-0 going into that one. They’re not getting as much action as you’d expect. That may change after the Bears win.

Who should the public bet?

Chiefs. They’re 6-1-0 ATS for the season, and they welcome the New York Jets. Need I say more?

Lose ANYTHING this week?

Of course! Nothing too major though – parlay wise the most notable was an 18/1 that managed to cover 2 NHL games, a Serie A game AND World Series Game 4. That was quite the bizarre selection.

What’s This Weeks Action?

Seeing a fair bit of action on the Chiefs, who play the Jets as mentioned. We’re also seeing a lot on the Broncos vs the Patriots – but it’s mixed. Probably one of those games where the bets all even out on it and everyone is happy.

Should be a good week though.

Thanks as always to Sports Interaction