Sitting Down With The Bookies: Zingano Zing!

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It’s time for our regular blog article where we sit down with an online sportsbook, and get their perspective on the week that was.

We are talking this week with Sports Interaction. We’re very curious to talk to them actually. Just over a week ago, they lost their ASSES when it comes to the UFC Fight Night event where all the underdogs won. Oh boy was that a bad night for them. The highlight of which was a 250,000/1 parlay that came in.

So we were curious – how would that affect this weeks betting. Let’s see:

Have a Good Week?

Yes we did. We managed to make history again – and this time it didn’t involve a 250,000 winning parlay!


You got it. Rousey vs Zingano saw us do our biggest action ever on any sporting event involving women. Usually our big actions on the women are in tennis for say the grand slam finals, such as the US Open. Serena vs Maria Sharapova is a good example of that. But this week we went above and beyond in terms of the action we took on that.

How Did It Go?

Great. Practically everything was on Zingano. If she had upset then man – it would not have been good for us. But whether it was the big upsets the week before or whatever I don’t know – but Cat was getting ALL the action against Ronda. We can’t believe there were that many people who thought she would win – so they were probably just hoping to jump on the underdog train a week late.

How was NBA?

Two big games this week were the Cavs at Rockets, and the Warriors at Raptors. It ended up about even for us. We also won big on the Suns, who covered the spread over the Thunder. That was a hell of a game, and a great example of why people should be live betting. What a lot of fun that would have been.

How was the NHL?

Habs vs Sharks was a big one for us. Sharks came into it looking beaten up and exhausted. Habs on a nice run and looking great, and the Sharks just shut them out. Everyone was on the Habs there.

Golf Thoughts?

Ah yes – the WGC Cadillac. It’s McIlroys tournament to lose – like every tournament he participates in. The problem is you can’t get the value on him – he’s getting close to Tiger odds.

We like Martin Kaymer. Currently priced at 40/1 he’s still shaking the bad press from the Abu Dhabi Classic. We think that while that’s something that can break a golfer – it just won’t happen with Kaymer.