The Lawro Audit: BPL Week 11

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It would be hard to do an introduction to this week’s Lawro Audit without mentioning Chelsea. But since everyone and their barber have been going on about it all week, thanks in no small part to the Blues losing to Stoke on penalties midweek in the Coca-Cola Cup or whatever it’s called now, there’s no point in me going over it again, is there? Although, to be fair, away from Stamford Bridge, the English Premiership was a bit stale last week, wasn’t it? I think we all knew the Manchester Derby was going to be awful, and it lived up to expectations in a big way. Worst televised game of the season? Very possibly. Always nice when both sides go for a 0-0 draw to entertain the fans.

But enough of the preamble, let’s get onto how the great Mark Lawrenson got on last week with his tips, because that’s what you’ve come here for, isn’t it? To be brutally honest, it was not a great week for the great man. No, Lawro did not get one correct score right, and only managed to get four results correct, which, for him, is truly unbelievable. We’re not used to the legend that is Lawro doing so poorly. But what about the figures? Well, Lawro had a terrible week and it’s summed up with a huge loss of -8.61 units! That leaves Lawro’s season almost back to square one on a profit of +2.59 units. That summer holiday fund has just taken a huge hit, so he better get his finger out this week and get a few correct scores under his belt. Although it’s not likely if he keeps on going with his stupid 2-0 and 1-1 predictions. Without spoiling too much, don’t bank on it, although he has thrown a bit of a curveball in with the Manchester City versus Norwich game!

So let’s take a look at what Mark Lawrenson is predicting for this week’s Barclays Premier League fixtures. But before I forget, our friends at Bet365 are doing their Bore Draw promotion this week. So if you place a bet of up to on any of the correct score, half-time/full-time or scorecast markets, and the game finishes 0-0, Bet365 will refund your money. So once you’ve looked at Lawro’s tips, head on over and get stuck in.

Chelsea vs Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp got his first win as Liverpool manager during the week, while Jose Mourinho’s week just made his season that little bit worse. But how does Lawro see this huge match going? Does he think Klopp can get his first league win as Liverpool manager, or does he think Chelsea can get back on track? If you thought anything but a 1-1 draw, you haven’t been reading this column for long, have you? The draw is 5/2 and the correct score is 6/1.

This might be the perfect game to head on over to Bet365 and get involved with the Bore Draw promotion. For me, 0-0 is just as likely as Lawro’s prediction, so have a bet on 1-1 and when it invariably ends 0-0, get your money back.

Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

Not a great week for either side, really, in the League Cup. Palace were thumped and Manchester United should have seen off Middlesbrough, surely, but lost out on penalties. Anyway, Lawro’s going for a draw here, which of course means a 1-1 prediction. The draw is, like the previous game, 5/2 and the correct score is 6/1. I think we’ll get a winner from this game, and I’ll put my neck on the line and say Palace. Their counter attacking style is perfect against teams like Manchester United, so 2-0 Palace for me. Of course, since we don’t count any of my predictions, it’s fine for me to put some more outrageous ones out there from time to time.

Manchester City vs Norwich

At the start of the column I said Lawro mixed things up here. How do you think he did that? Did he go for a Norwich win? How about a draw? No, he stuck with a home win, but instead of the standard 2-0 win, he’s gone for… 3-0. Amazing, no? Personally, what would be amazing is if City managed to stop a 3 goals. Put me down for 5, because Norwich are terrible at the back and Manchester City are ruthless up front. Anyway, it’s 2/7 for the home win and the correct score is 8/1. Naturally, my 5-0 selection is a far better price at 22/1.

Newcastle vs Stoke

What happened to both sides last week? Newcastle were hard done by, but then collapsed, and Stoke lost to Watford, a side that never looked like scoring more than 1 in their previous games. It sums up the inconsistency from both sides. I think it’s a coin toss, so maybe Lawro tossed a coin to make his prediction, which is a 2-1 for Newcastle. The home win pays 7/5 and the correct score is 9/1. It’s one of those games where you just think, ‘Yeah, why not?’ It could go either way, really.

Swansea vs Arsenal

A predictable away win? Not for Lawro it’s not. No, the legend is going for a 1-1 draw here. The draw is 3/1, while the correct score is 7/1. Why has Lawro avoided the obvious? Injuries and a trip to Munich next week. Plus, Arsenal’s record at the Liberty Stadium isn’t great. But you know what, I think Arsenal will do the job here – there’s too much at stake for them to slip up in matches like this. Also, Swansea aren’t great, are they? But, hey, Lawro might be on to something here when he brings up Arsenal’s Champions League game against Bayern Munich, so tread carefully if you’re punting on this one.

Watford vs West Ham

Two big winners last week, with Watford upsetting the odds away to Stoke, while West Ham beat midtable struggled Chelsea. It was a bookies benefit in both those games, and Lawo didn’t fare much better. But how does he see this match playing out? A 2-0 win for Watford, amazingly. Yes, he doesn’t think the team that put 2 past Chelsea will get any past a resolute Watford defence. If you want to back Watford, you get a huge 8/5 and the correct score will return a whopping 12/1.

West Brom vs Leicester

While a lot of Premiership games are huge, I think it’s safe to say that while this one doesn’t look it, it really is. Put it this way, if Leicester are the real deal in terms of a danger, they can’t lose games like this, they have to be beating these so-called lesser teams. If they can’t, it’s more a fluke than anything else. And you know what, Lawro isn’t loving Leicester, he’s going for a 2-0 home win for the Baggies. The home win is 19/10 and the correct score is 14/1. You have to think Leicester would score, though, no? And Jamie Vardy is 9/2 at Bet365 for first goalscorer. Not great odds, but it looks the likeliest outcome to me.

Everton vs Sunderland

For the record, this is the game I am least looking forward to this weekend. There is nothing to get excited about at all. Lawro is going for a 2-1 Everton win which pays 1/2 and 8/1. I honestly don’t care.

Southampton vs Bournemouth

A big derby here, and both sets of fans will be up for this. It could be an exciting one, and I can see goals in it, purely because that’s the way Bournemouth play – all guns blazing. Lawro expects two goals, both for Southampton. Yes, a 2-0 home win for Lawro in a move that shocks literally no-one. It’s 11/20 for the Southampton win and 7/1 for the correct score. But, come on, if Aston Villa can score against Southampton, Bournemouth must. I’ll go 3-2 because I can.

Tottenham vs Aston Villa

The battle of Tim Sherwood’s clubs, and it looks like it’s going to be awful on paper. No surprise that Lawro goes for a 2-0 home win here. 6/1 for the correct score, while a Spurs win pay the absolutely skinnier-than-Kate-Moss price of 2/5. Tottenham aren’t great, but Aston Villa are terrible. Seriously terrible. 2-0 might be kind if Harry Kane has his scoring boots on again this week.

So Week 11 of the Lawro Audit brings us even more 2-0 home wins and 1-1 draws, while he teased us with a sole 3-0 prediction in the one game that could end up 6-0 to the home side. After the terrible results of last week, it would have been nice if Lawro pushed the boat out with some of his predictions, but the craziest we get is his prediction of a 1-1 draw in the Swansea vs Arsenal game.

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