Trusty Trebles #1: Easy England

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Welcome to another betting challenge. The EPL 3pm games are rather dull today in terms of star power and betting opportunities. A lot of tricky odds that really don’t appeal to us.

So instead we’re going to launch a new bettling challenge: Trusty Trebles.

The treble part should be obvious – we’re going to be betting trebles. The trusty part? That’s where we put our trust in the sportsbooks.

We go for any teams that have listed at below 2.00 odds(decimical), 1/1 odds(fractional) and -100 odds(American), list them all then randomly put them into trebles via the random list generator over at

We’re doing an English special – covering the Barclays Premier League, English Championship, English League 1, English League 2 and the English Conference Premier.

That gives us the below 15 teams:

  • Arsenal
  • Derby
  • Middlesbrough
  • Norwich
  • Wolverhampton
  • MK Dons
  • Preston
  • Northampton
  • Plymouth
  • Shrewsbury
  • Barnet
  • Halifax
  • Macclesfield
  • Torquay
  • Gateshead

It actually gave us Brighton too but hey 16/5 doesn’t work so they were cut off thanks to the random generator. And when we throw them in the random list generator, we get the following trebles:

  1. Plymouth, Gateshead, Torquay. Odds: 5.06
  2. Middlesbrough, Macclesfield, Shrewsbury. Odds: 6.88
  3. Preston, Northampton, Norwich. Odds: 3.82
  4. Derby, Arsenal, Wolves. Odds: 5.50
  5. MK Dons, Barnet, Halifax. Odds: 2.86

So some decent odds there – if just 2 of them come up we will profit.

I’ll be back at kick off and will post some updates on how they do.

3:25pm: Sorry for no updates. I was mucking around with I used to use for updates but now I use that – the cool feature is “My Games” where you filter it and only see your games.

But the even cooler thing is you can put games into Groups. So my trebles for example – I have them in groups here is an image showing that:


As you can see – 1 is doing good right now with all 3 up, and we need Torquay to get it going.

3:50pm: Alrighty it’s half time, let’s see how the trebles are doing. And may I again say just how bloody great Flashscore is.

  1. Plymouth, Gateshead, Torquay. Odds: 5.06. All 3 teams are winning 1-0.
  2. Middlesbrough, Macclesfield, Shrewsbury. Odds: 6.88. Boro up 1-0, Macclesfield up 3-0, Shrewsbury drawing. Mon the Shrews.
  3. Preston, Northampton, Norwich. Odds: 3.82. This ones gubbed with Norwich down 2-0 at Northampton down 3-1.
  4. Derby, Arsenal, Wolves. Odds: 5.50. Wolves up 1-0, Arsenal 3-0 and Derby are drawing 0-0. Derby have 75% possession so far and 9 shots to 3 though so looking good there.
  5. MK Dons, Barnet, Halifax. Odds: 2.86. Barnet up 4-0, Halifax up 2-0 and MK Dons up 2-1.

Still 45 minutes to go, but looking very good at the moment.

4:30pm: With 15 minutes left, the MK Dons, Barnet & Halifax treble should be good. Anxiously awaiting goals from Gateshead or Shrewsbury for their trebles.

4:45pm: Well that was a close one but didn’t go well. We went 1 for 5 for the trebles and the win was 2.86 odds, so a losing day.

Still – it was really fun. We just needed a goal for Derby for 5.5 odds, a goal for Shrewsbury against 10 men Newport for 6.88 odds, and Gateshead for 5.06 odds. In those trebles, the other 2 teams won.

So overall it was a close day. We went -2.14 in betting units, but 1 goal in all 3 of those would have made it a +15.3 unit day.

We’ll be doing more of that in the future.