Betting 101: Calculating Horse Racing Betting Odds And Payoffs

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Horse racing has been quite popular among UK countries since the 1600s. It was considered the top 1 in all other sports among other sports that existed in the UK, but not just in the UK. Horse racing is also popular in other countries. So, of course, leaders decided to create the sport more thrilling, and this is where the betting comes in.

Betting or gambling is not required in each sport, but some people are not thrilled enough to watch a sport without taking risks. That’s why people tend to gamble on the odds of winning and losing and add spice to the sports they’re watching. This guide could help you better understand how odds racing works and how payoffs in horse racing betting are calculated.

Racing Odds

Gaining a basic understanding of how betting odds work in horse racing is the first thing you should know when you want to venture into the world of betting. Simply placing bets isn’t enough if you want to walk out with more money than when you first came in and wagered. You can also visit legit sites such as TVG for learning more about handicapping, odds and horse racing.

The odds in horse racing betting indicate how much money you can win on any wager and how it embodies the risk-reward relationship. It is essentially the manner in which a horse track displays its prices and payments. Moreover, horse racing odds can be displayed in a fractional form like 7/2, or you can read it as 7-2.

The numerator indicates the amount of money you could win, while the denominator indicates the amount of money you have wagered. So if the odds are listed as 7/2 or 7-2, it shows that you’ll get $7 for every $2 you wager. Although it may appear difficult to comprehend, it is pretty simple once you become acquainted

Reading The Odds

Reading the win odds is not taught to beginners during the race since the company already predicts that you are knowledgeable enough on how betting works. However, as a punter, you should keep yourself equipped with such knowledge if you wish to become better at reading the winning odds, increasing your chance of winning.

Horse racing odds can be read in forms like the morning line, where handicappers create these odds before the actual race begins. Another is the changing odds. This odd continuously changes depending on the bet. And finally, the favorite. This odd is where people think that a specific horse will win since every race has a “favorite.”

Winning odds can be unpredictable since you don’t know what might be the outcome of the horse you’re betting on. Unfortunately, beginners tend to bet on the horse that the majority of the people will bet on. That’s one of the mistakes that beginners make without analyzing the odds. Thus, learning how to read racing odds is a must to avoid relying on others.

Terms You Must Know

Betting is a place not suited for amateurs. Instead, it is a place for people with enough knowledge and probability skills to make the odds in their favor. That’s why people use different terms to keep the opponent’s opportunity to have the win. Here are some of the terms you should become familiar with regarding horse racing betting odds.

Fixed-odds, where your odds will be directed to a better operator during your bet. Late money, where the horse gets a lot of bets before the race starts. Odds-on the term for the horse that is favorite to win. Long-odds is a term used for an underdog bet. Short-odds, where you will get low profit but a higher chance to win. An odds board is a tote board that is found in the field.

Calculating The Odds Of Your Payout

To figure out how much money you could win on your wager, multiply the stake amount by the odds in fractional form. The result of the calculation indicates your earnings if your wager is successful.

For instance, suppose you staked $2 on a wager with odds of 7/2. In order to get your total earnings, you multiply $2 by the numerator 7 and divide it with the denominator 2 ($2 x 7/2). It will have a result of $7, from which then you’ll add your original stake, which is $2, so it will result in a $9 payout.

If the odds listed are not in an excellent and straightforward form, and if you’re not adept at mentally and fastly multiplying fractions, the simplest way to calculate the payout odds is through the use of a calculator.


When it comes to horse racing, particularly horse betting, there are numerous factors to consider, much more so when numbers and money are involved. That is why it is a must for you to learn the basic jargon in horse betting, as it will assist you in winning your horse racing wager. But regardless of anything, you need to have fun on the race track; as the saying goes, experience is the best teacher for developing confidence.