NHL 15 Simulation: Opening Night 14/15 Season

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Tomorrow is the start of the NHL season for 2014/2015 and everyone here at the Sports Betting Tips offices are very excited.

We’re so excited, that we couldn’t wait. We teamed up with our friends at BetNHL.ca, took a break from NBA 2K15(holy crap is that game amazing), and put on NHL 15 so we could simulate the opening games on the XBox One.

The process of doing this was very easy – we sat and watched the games. Whenever there was a goal, we’d tell Kinect “XBOX, Record That” and it recorded the last 25 seconds. Then we logged into the XBox Upload Studio, trimmed off some stuff and uploaded it all.

Of course – XBox Upload Studio has this “skin” option and we couldn’t resist using that for at least 3 of the 4 games. It’s pretty snazzy but we left the Sharks vs Kings game untouched. We also used the “True Broadcast” camera. That’s a tough camera to play on, but for watching the games it’s brilliant.

We’ve decided for fun we’ll also tell you what bets we would make based on how NHL 15 played out the games. The best place to bet NHL is Sports Interaction due to all of the prop bets available.

Habs vs Leafs:

The most obvious bet for this game would be the overs, but maybe not based on that 4-0 result by the Habs. You have to expect the Leafs to be competitive but Price is obviously a beast on goal. Granted the Leafs were dominated in that simulation but Price actually still made a few game saving stops.

Based on that simulation, we’ll go with the following:

  1. Habs to win Any Other Score(not 1-0, 2-0 or 2-1): 15.00
  2. Habs to win in regulation: 2.4
  3. Toronto 2 or less goals: 1.89

Flyers vs Bruins:

Quite the game there – the Flyers gave up a ton of penalties which cost them the game. Bruins scored 2 PP goals but even then the Flyers clawed their way back and almost won.

Will the Flyers discipline be better in real life, as opposed to a video game simulation? We’ll find out tonight. In the meantime, here are the bets we are going with based on said video game simulation:

  1. Boston to win Any Other Score: 10.00
  2. Boston by 1 goal exactly: 5.00
  3. Third period correct score Flyers 2-1: 13.00

Canucks vs Flames:

Oof – Canucks just dominated the Flames in that one. Not a good night out for the young Calgary team.

Bets based on the simulaton:

  1. Vancouver any other score: 13.00
  2. Canucks win the race to 2 goals: 1.83 odds
  3. Vancouver to win by 4 goals exactly: 19.00

Sharks vs Kings:

Huge upset win there for San Jose. Maybe Quicks injury is simulated in the game as well? Either way – have to go with Sharks to win 2.20 and Sharks any other score in the 1st period at 15.00.

Hopefully you enjoyed these simulations and be sure to place your NHL bets tonight at Sports Interaction.