3-1 for the Euros: June 16th, 2024 Bets

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Another winning day to put me at 3-1 for the tournament.

I took Switzerland vs Hungary to go over 3.5 cards, and that one had 4 yellow cards total.

Switzerland looked dangerous in that game. Scotland can beat Hungary but I’m not sure about the Swiss. The movements they make up front – Gunn is going to have to be on top form.

Took Spain to win. Easy money.

Had Albania over 2.5 shots on target. Frustrating one that as they got 1 shot right off the bat which of course, was a goal. They then had a total of 8 shots, alas all off target. Disappointing. Italy were what I expected – not very impressive.

Netherlands vs Poland Bets:

Netherlands got here with 6 wins out of 8 in the groups, losing both times to France. I have some concerns about that team I gotta say. However they looked solid in their last two friendlies, especially that battering over Iceland.

Poland made it via the Nations League. They were disappointing in qualifying with 3 wins, looking a big loss against Moldova. However they are coming in on form.

It’ll be interesting seeing if Poland defend here and we see the Netherlands going the possession route. Especially without Lewandowski.

Assuming he takes the penalties, I’d advise a small bet on Virgil Van Dijyk at 7.00 to score a goal anytime. Think there is a good little chance of it. 0.25u on that for me.

As for the main bet – eh, I can’t see past the Netherlands here. Poland I don’t think have the firepower. The concern is the odds as I can’t back them outright. I’m worried about the handicap because they have a lot of tight games.

But that does make the odds nice and juicy for the handicap. Netherlands do have a lot of goalscoring options. I’m hoping Poland sit a bit deeper as their mid block can pause problems but the Netherlands should still be able to deal with it.

Netherlands -1 @ 2.60 so they have to win by at least 2.

Slovenia vs Denmark Bets:

Slovenia and Denmark face off here and know each other well from the group stages. They tied the top of the group, with Denmark the better head to head record but Slovenia the better goal difference.

They drew 1-1 in Slovenia, and then Denmark defeated them 2-1 at home.

This promises to be a tight game, and a draw is a strong possibility. Denmark are favoured at 1.73 odds.

Denmark will likely play a strong possession game. They can be caught on the counter though with a high press.

In the last game the two played, Slovenia only had 2 shots. But that was with Denmark at home and hopefully it’ll be a bit more open here.

This is a tough one to call, but I have to think that Slovenia go for this one. They know how difficult it is when they sit back against the Danes. I’m a bit conflicted as I can see it being under 2.5, even 0-0, but also kinda like BTTS.

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Serbia vs England Bets:

England qualified from Group C with 6 wins out of 8 games. They are an interesting one this year. Usually, there is that expectation and cockiness from England and the English media that they are going to walk the tournament, and that they should just hand them the trophy before they have even kicked off

These year feels different. There’s a different level of confidence to where honestly, it feels inevitable that they win it. Which being Scottish, makes me absolutely sick and I hope I am wrong on that one.

Serbia qualified with a 4-2-2 record. Not too impressive overall. They’re one of those nationst hat have some great players but they just don’t translate as well as they should on the pitch.

They will be tough to plan for tactically as they like to change it up a fair bit. I just look at Serbia and how they struggle to create, and their bad passing stats and can’t see them doing any damage here.

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