5-1 Last Time Out! Week 12 NFL Player Props

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No tips last week due to being away – I was in San Francisco for the weekend and was at the 9ers game. Such a fun city.

The week prior, my NFL player props went a killer 5-1. The only one that stopped it from being a perfect day was LaPorta over 49.5 receiving yards as he went 40. Nice little week.

It’s Thursday. We’re all surely watching football all day. I’m gonna do a prop on every game whether I see something or not. Let’s do it.

Lions vs Packers:

Lions coming in off the win over teh Bears, and on a 3 game winning streak. Packers beat the Chargers on Sunday. When these two teams played in September, Detroit ran all over them 34-20.

Love – I’ve no idea how he is going to do here and that puts me off the offense for the Packers. He could really struggle against the pressure, but if he holds his own this pass defense is vulnerable right now.

I’m going with a play only on our Patreon.

Cowboys vs Commanders:

Cowboys with their dominant victory over the Panthers. Washington are not exactly world beaters. Can’t really trust the Cowboys running game too much at the moment.

This is one where I don’t really see a play. Kind of leaning towards McLaurin over 4.5 because Howell is going to have to throw it, and he’s the go to. But I don’t fancy him too much against Gilmore and Bland.

Lamb it looks like it may rely a bit on deep balls and I mean that IS what you want to do against Washington.

I’m actually going to go with Brandin Cooks Over 36.5 Receiving Yards instead. He still gets the occasional deep ball, gets enough looks against man coverage, and I think he can be a decent focus point in this game. Jake Ferguson isn’t a bad call either in that game. Quite a few options but I’m rolling with Cooks.

Seahawks vs 49ers:

While I enjoyed my time in San Francisco, as a Patriots fan I did not enjoy Purdy getting a perfect passer rating and the overblown statements from the friends I went to the game with, who are all 49ers fans. I think by the time the trip was over, they had decided he was going to earn a whopping 10 super bowl rings.

It’s a tough matchup for him. Geno meanwhile seems to be struggling a bit with injury although you have to wonder how much of that is overblown. Seahawks run defense is pretty bland so CMC should have a good game here.

When I look at the 9ers WRs neither of them are really jumping out at me. If anything, Metcalf looks like he should be a big player here and I prefer the Seahawks WRs more.

Man – I am actually going to go with D.K. Metcalf Over 56.5 Receiving Yards. He should see most targets, and should be able to get the yards.