April 10th, 2015 Betting Tips: NHL, Grand National, Bellator 136

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What a great day of sports it was yesterday.

The Calgary Flames, in spectacular fashion, made the NHL Playoffs. What a team that is – just incredible. This is only the 2nd year of their rebuild too so that is just amazing, and beyond impressive. Props to them – now beat those bastard Canucks.

And holy crap the Masters. Jordan freaking Spieth is for REAL! What a player he is. However the big concern is this weekend and how he will deal with the weekend pressure. That’s where the true professionals stand out.

Let’s get to the betting tips for April 10th, 2015:

NHL Betting Tips:

Two games tonight.

First of all we’re going with Blue Jackets -1.5 against the Buffalo Sabres. You just can’t bet against the Jackets at the moment. They’re beating everyone, and they want to finish the season strong, and on a high note. I respect that, and you have to expect they’ll go out there to put up a cricket score against the Buffalo Sabres tonight.

In the other game, I think the Penguins will step up when required. Islanders are a good team but both teams are going into this one weak, and I’d bet Sidney Crosby above all else. This will be a tight one, but I think if the Penguins win, they do it in dominant fashion with a win in regulation time.

Grand National 2015 Betting Tips:

Here’s the deal: we generally consider the National itself a mugs game. Everything prior to it we bet seriously – but the National is a bit of a game of roulette.

However we also love it because for many UK punters, it was our first ever bets. Back in the day when our granddad would take a pound coin, give us the Daily Record and ask us to pick a horse. I still remember putting a pound on in 1989 on Mr. Frisk, and he won at 16/1. We were super poor back then, and winning that was one of the greatest moments of my life. So we always have to bet the National.

We go with an elimination system. We take out the following:

  • Horses Over 11st 5lbs
  • Horses under 10st 5lbs
  • Horses not 9-11
  • Horses who are making their national debut
  • Horses who have fell in the national

It’s not a tried and true system or anything, but it’s something that makes us feel we have a slight edge when it comes to the National.

And here are who we are betting:

  1. Rocky Creek: 8/1
  2. Balthazar King: 11/1
  3. Monbeg Dude: 50/1
  4. Across The Bay: 50/1

Bet all 4 at E/W.

The best online sportsbook to bet the Grand National is https://www.Bovada.lv.

Bellator 136 Betting Tips:

It’s tough to get good odds on Bellator, but one underdog that jumps out is Marcin Held. He’s +120 which is just slightly valuable. We’d probably bet him all the way down to +100. Alexander Sarnavskiy is a good fighter – but this seems like the type of fight Held can take to a decision, or possibly even a submission.

For all MMA betting, we always recommend https://www.Bovada.lv who generally have the best odds, and a good variation in the betting options.