April 19th, 2015 Betting Tips: NBA & NHL Playoffs

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Well we hope you’re following us for the NHL playoffs, as so far we have been on fire!

We put up another winning night yesterday going 2-1. Our one loss was with the New York Rangers – and hey congrats on the Penguins for finally stepping up. Now the teams go to Pittsburgh and that’s going to be interesting.

We also had the Ducks to win which they did in a come from behind victory, and finally the Lightning -1.5. That was a big odds pick that paid off with ease.

We went 1-1 in the NBA Playoffs, although we felt really good about that loss. We called the Raptors / Wizards game correctly – a tight game that’d go to the wire, and possibly to overtime. It did – but unfortunately the points just weren’t there for it to go Over.

We had the Bulls -7.5 and that was an easy win there.

We’ll be following the RBC Heritage closely today. We had tipped Luke Donald for the Top 5 finish and after day 1, a +2 day, we had pretty much written him off. Especially after the results of others. But he has stepped up out of nowhere and is now 10th after two huge 66 days. Going to be interesting.

Let’s see what we have today:

NHL Playoffs for April 19th:

The dynamics all change today. It’s Game 3 in the series, and that means home ice is switched. Going to be a very interesting day.

We think this is a great day to back the underdogs, especially those teams who have looked the better side. The one that you have to go with is the Montreal Canadiens to win. Let’s take all the passion and emotion out of home ice for the moment. What’s the one thing the Ottawa Senators were strongest at going into the playoffs? Goaltending. What was the big decision making going on in Ottawa yesterday? Who to put in net. That’s a bad situation for the Sens who have lost faith in Hammond already – and you have to go with the much better Canadiens here to put a stamp on this game, and go 3-0 in the series.

It’s also hard to go with anything other than Over 5 goals in Blackhawks vs Predators. We’ve had 7 goals and 8 goals in the prior two games, and the line is set at 5 here. That’s beautiful, and something that we just have to jump over.

The other two games are just too tricky to call.

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NBA Playoffs for April 19th:

What a big day yesterday. Mavs vs Rockets promises to be a good series. Rockets got an early big lead but Mav battles back and Game 2 will be good.

The big one is Celtics vs Cavaliers and we are split in the offices here. Some believe the Celtics bench depth is too good, and that they will keep this game closer than the 12 point spread. Others believe, being the first game of the playoffs, LeBron will be LeBron and will rack up the points. But in saying that; there are often games where the focus is BIG on LeBron James, and he doesn’t deliver as much as you’d think. The consensus is that will happen, and we’ll be going with Celtics +12.

Also we like the Clippers to take game 1, at home. A massive game for them and they’ll be out for blood in the playoffs this year. For our final NBA bet, go with Clippers -1.

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