April 21st, 2015 Betting Tips: NHL Playoffs, NBA Playoffs, Cubs vs. Pirates

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With the MLB regular season, the NHL Playoffs and NBA Playoffs in full-swing even a normally boring Monday and Tuesday night is filled with more sports than you can possibly watch in one night. Last night saw the Warriors prove themselves once again as a team that could win the NBA title and the Bulls move one step closer to round two and a date with the Cavs. If that wasn’t enough, there was also an overtime thriller in Winnipeg as the Ducks won on the road, a Rangers win in Pittsburgh and the Wild shutting out the Blues in St. Louis to take a 2-1 series lead.

Tonight is more of the same with two NBA Playoffs games, four NHL playoff games and 14 MLB games. As if that wasn’t enough, the NFL schedule will also be released tonight! With all the major sports competing for your eyeballs, let’s try and narrow it down to some games that can make you some money.

Our picks for today are:

NHL Playoffs for April 21st

The Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup on the back of Corey Crawford before, but it looks like this run might be done without him. In game one, he allowed three goals in the first period before being replaced by Scott Darling. He then gave up 5 goals in game two and was replaced by Darling for game three. The lesson? Scott Darling is a stone wall right now, only allowing two goals in two games. With Darling in as the starter and the pressure on Nashville, this series should start to tighten up and this one will be under 5.5 goals.

The other games on the slate for hockey are simply too close to call or lack the value we’re looking for here.

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NBA Playoffs for April 21st

Through 10 NBA Playoff games there is only one home team to lose so far: the Toronto Raptors. That is definitely “white board material” for this team and something that have been thinking about the past couple of days. They should change that stat tonight with a win. Give me Raptors -4.5.

The Celtics were a lot friskier than we expected against the Cavaliers in round one and the coaching adjustments in this one will be interesting. I think I’d prefer to sit back and watch what happens instead of laying the 11 points.

Speaking of coaching adjustments, Rick Carlisle of the Mavericks is the master of them and he should have something up his sleeve tonight against the Houston Rockets. In game one, EVERYTHING went the Rockets way and the Mavericks were still in it for much of the game. I can definitely see the Mavericks getting frisky and pushing the Rockets to the limit in this one. Mavericks +6 is our play.

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MLB Betting Tips

After calling up highly touted prospect Kris Bryant, the Chicago Cubs have followed that move by calling up their other highly touted prospect Addison Russell and are doing what baseball experts would call “going for it”. The are +150 underdogs tonight against the Pirates despite a relatively even pitching match-up. The Pirates hitters, while good, is no match for the Cubs team of super prospects. Grab the Cubs +150 because they won’t be underdogs like this for long.

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