August 14th, 2014 Betting Tips: English Conference, WNBA & WWE Wrestling!

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Yesterday we didn’t have any sports betting tips. Well actually – that’s not quite correct. Yesterday we had THREE betting tips, however they were all set up for UFC Fight Night, which takes place this Saturday night.

Today we’ve got 2 regular sports betting tips and – ready for this? WWE wrestling betting tips!

WWE Summerslam 2014 is this Sunday, August 17th and we’re going to be bringing you WWE Betting Tips over the next few days. You may laugh – but we are quite the WWE wrestling fans here. We love it what can we say – and we love being able to bet on it.

English Conference Betting Tips: Eastleigh vs Aldershot

With a lot of changes for both teams throughout the off-season, it’s going to take awhile for them to get into the rhythm of things.

Eastleigh are the favourites going into this at 3/4 odds, with Aldershot long shot odds of 7/2. These odds are generally the expected odds in the conference.

Neither team is that impressive, and we think this is going to be a very boring affair. We’re going to recommend one of two things: either bet the correct score of 0-0, or go for the draw. The draw odds are 27/10 which isn’t bad, but we like the long shot 9/1 better. I mean – who wouldn’t? The odds for that should probably be more 4/1 or 5/1 honestly based on our simulations.

Bet: Eastleigh vs Aldershot to end in a draw at 27/10, or 0-0 which is our recommended correct score bet. 9/1 odds for it at

WNBA Betting Tips: New York Liberty vs Indiana Fever

If the Fever win this one, they’re in the Playoffs. We think they’ll do it.

It’s been a rocky season for them, and they’ve actually been quite poor at home but this is a big game and you have to expect January and Catchings to steup here. They’ll be making the playoffs anyway – but might as well get it as early as possible.

We like the Fever to start strong and dominate the game.

Bet: Indiana Fever to cover the point spread. Fever -6.5 at 888 (Americans try BetOnline).

WWE Summerslam Betting Tips: Stephanie McMahon vs Brie Bella

Rather than sit here and justify betting on WWE or explaining why you can bet – we’re just going to jump right into it. You can bet WWE at BTW. We’ll get onto that in a minute though.

We’re going with Stephanie McMahon to beat Brie Bella. I wish we could bet the actual finish because the hot rumour is Nikki Bella turning heel on Brie, and we expect that to be the case.

The odds on this one are -120 for both wrestlers at the moment.

Bet: Stephanie McMahon to beat Brie Bella. -120 odds at 888 (Americans try BetOnline).

We’ll have more WWE betting tips in the upcoming days!

Anyway yeah WWE Betting – we’ll write an article on that in the future but basically even though it’s pre-determined, there is still questions as to who will win. And bookies such as 888 (Americans try BetOnline) know there is a large WWE wrestling audience so they allow you to bet on it but there are limits. You won’t be able to be Vince McMahon and bet millions – so they know it’s a risk as it brings in new punters.