BMW Championship Betting Picks

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Welcome to Wednesday here at

We’re all excited about the upcoming NFL season. Just can’t wait. It all kicks off tomorrow night with the Broncos vs the Panthers and Vin will be here with betting tips for that one. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Broncos play without Peyton, and whether or not Newton is as magical as he was last season.

Of course with it being Wednesday, we cover the golf. Unfortunately I won’t be covering the KLM Open this week. Just not too comfortable with that course. I analyzed everyhing and nothing really stood out to me either.

However we DO have the BMW Championship so let’s get to that shall we?

BMW Championship Betting Picks:

First up I’ve got to go with Daniel Berger. He played here for I believe the first ever time – a bit too busy to look it up right now – las tyear and he came in 2nd. I went back and watched some of that and the way he handled the course was incredibly impressive. He looked super comfortable on the course and knew exactly what he was doing on there. He’s also had some solid form in recent times and had that Fed Ex win back earlier in the year. I think he can do the business here.

I’m also on Rory McIlroy because after his performance last week I’d be daft not to. Rory looks like he has recaptured the form that makes him king and boy did he show it last week. Sometimes I forget just how good Rory McIlroy can be – but he showed us last week just what he is made of. When is on fire like that I’ve got to place a bet on Rory to win here.

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I’m also taking Luke Donald. Donald has had some beautiful form on this course. While his current form is a bit disappointing to say the least – this season he really hasn’t seemed like one of those golfers that require a solid run of form. Instead, Luke Donald seems to be one of those golfers who can turn it on – well not at will – but turn it on out of nowhere and I’ll be taking the risk on him doing just that at the BMW Championship.

Finally for the BMW Championship Betting Picks I’m on Adam Scott. Scott has had some solid play coming in here and he’s showed he can handle this course fairly well. He ticks all the boxes and he is my fourth and final play in the BMW Championship.

In regard to what I am betting – I’m betting Rory to win, and the rest to win & E/W. I’m also only betting quarter units except on Rory. I am not fully confident in the abilities of McIlroy to be honest – but I’m still going with a half unit on him. It’s just hard not to based on what he performed like last week.

That’s it for me. Vin has you tomorrow with the football tips. I’ll be back Friday with UFC 203 Betting Tips and then Saturday I’ll be covering the first week of the NFL action. I can’t wait.

Credit to TourProGolf for the Rory picture.