Chinese Grand Prix 2014 Betting Tips

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Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay in the F1 Betting Tips for the F1 Chinese Grand Prix.

My boy Andrew had simulated everything on Wednesday, unfortunately I was on vacation, and although I was back on Wednesday night I wasn’t able to sit down and go through and do the write-ups and so on until today.

Just been crazy work wise and plus with the NHL Playoffs that’s taking up most of my sports action.

The F1 Chinese Grand Prix kicks off tomorrow, so I’ll stop chattering and just get on with the F1 Betting Tips:

F1 Chinese Grand Prix Winner: Lewis Hamilton

Have to go with Hamilton to take this one down. Lewis has a slight edge on Rosberg and I mean the other teams are about 1.5 seconds per lap slower. It’s easily between them.

The duel between the two was obviously a lot of fun to watch, but without the safety car Lewis Hamilton would have won with ease.

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Top 6 Finisher: Nico Hulkenberg

If your sportsbook accepts Top 6 finishers, Hulkenberg is a great choice to bet for the Top 6. The three Mercedes teams are all very closely matched at the moment, and are going to be battling for the points position. We’ve seen the pace of the Force Indiana car, and we’d always go with Hulkenberg to beat his teammate more often than not.

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