Colts vs Chiefs, Cowboys vs Rams Betting Tips

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Saturday, January 12th 2019 sees the NFL Divisional Round kick off with two big games: The Indianapolis Colts take on the Kansas City Chiefs and the Dallas Cowboys go up against the Los Angeles Rams.

The following day we will see the Chargers take on the Patriots and the Eagles go up against the Saints as they try to keep their run going.

Should be a great weekend of football. Must admit I love this time of year and not watching Redzone. Don’t get me wrong I love Redzone but there’s something great about just taking in an entire game and having that as your full focus.

Let’s go with both games taking place on the Saturday and I’ll be back tomorrow with tips for the Sunday games.

Colts vs Chiefs Betting Tips:

The Chiefs are 5 point favourites here with this game expected to be a shootout. Over/under is 57 points.

The Chiefs have stumbled a bit in recent times which has to concern them. 3 losses in their last 6 with losses against the Rams, Chargers and Seahawks. They were able to end the regular season with a big 35-3 win over the Raiders.

The Colts have went on a great run to end the season after that 6-0 loss to the Jags.

The playoffs are always interesting and the Chiefs have lost a few key games this year such as that Patriots game. The theory going on is that the Colts will try to run the clock and do what they can to keep Mahomes off the field, frustrating him in the process. Not the worst idea.

I did like how the Colts handled the Texans last week – practically daring Watson to try things. However Mahomes is a much better QB than him and he WILL be able to make those passes if they line up the same way.

I think it’s great that the Colts have made it this far. I’ve got a soft spot for them with Andrew Luck as he is my QB in my main fantasy keeper league. However I just think the Kansas City Chiefs are a much better team and that skill will show itself here. There’s just a big difference in the overall quality of both teams.

Chiefs -5

Cowboys vs Rams Betting Tips

Cowboys are 7 point underdogs in this one.

Rams are a bit similar to the Chiefs – started strong then struggled a bit. Dallas are the opposite and the signing of Amari Cooper was a big one for them and really helped change things as it gave them a unique passing option.

The Cowboys defense has seriously stepped up but it’s still going to be very hard against this Rams team. Cowboys also struggle against the play-action and hey that’s not going to be good against the Rams.

We’ve seen a blueprint to beating the Rams recently from the Eagles and the Lions copied that. Cowboys will be looking for similar but I think the Rams have had the time to make some adjustments and really – getting their offense figured out came at the right time as it’s given them a chance to come up with some new stuff.

Cowboys I think lose this one by 10 at least.

Rams -7