December 17th, 2014 Betting Tips: Liverpool vs Bournemouth, NBA & NHL

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December 17th already – yikes. Hope everyone has their Christmas shopping all done.

Massive shocker in the Capital One Cup yesterday, with Sheffield United beating Southampton. It’s looking like that rosy period is over for Koemans men and they’re going to have to change things around. Couldn’t happen at a better time though with the January transfer window upcoming.

Warriors vs Grizzlies was a push yesterday. NHL wise we got hammered unfortunately – it happens. Both losses happened in overtime and we had that epic shootout in Capitals vs Panthers. Win or lose – just glad to have a bet on for that one.

Capital One Cup Betting Tips:

We’re crazy – but we’re going to have faith in Liverpool to win.

They’re a good 2/1 price and you have to figure this game is going to be of the utmost importance to them. They’re 11th in the league, coming off that loss against Man Utd and are out of the Champions League. Suddenly a “diddy cup tie” becomes a must win game.

Bournemouth are a great team – I won’t deny that. They’re leading the championship, and haven’t lost in 12 matches. Quality wise Liverpool are better though – and we think Rodgers is going to get their heads on straight tonight and get them the win that they so desire.

NHL Betting Tips for December 17th, 2014:

The first one that stands out for us is Stars/Canucks Over 5.5 goals. These two teams just lit it up back in October with the way they played. Stars won that one 6-3 and there was 9 goals and it could have been more – I mean Lehtonen made 43 freaking saves in that game.

Canucks aren’t doing too well offensively at the moment but we hope that changes here. Both teams have had a few days off, are refreshed and ready to go.

On that note – Canucks have lost their last 4 games. They’re not easy games or anything – but makes a value bet on the Dallas Stars worthwhile. If you believe the Canucks will continue to suck, then the best bet by far is The Stars 3.40 in regulation.

That’s all the NHL tips tonight.

NBA Betting Tips for December 12th, 2014:

We’re sure the Raptors will be out for revenge after last years playoffs, but we’re still going to be going with Brooklyn Nets +11. Raptors will win this game for sure – but one thing we saw during the playoffs was the Nets match up well with the Raptors and we think they can keep close to them here. Both teams allow less than 100 points on average, and we think Brooklyn can keep the Raptors close.

We’re also going with Clippers -11 tonight. The LA Clippers take on the Indiana Pacers and we love what the Clippers do at home. The Pacers meanwhile are very poor on the road and we can’t see that changing. Plus with George Hill coming back – that can actually be a negative because the mindset is they’re “waiting” for him.

We like what the Clippers are doing recently, and while the Pacers have matched up well with the Clippers in recent years we think the Clippers are the team to do the business tonight.