December 23rd, 2014 Betting Tips: All NHL Tips before the Christmas Break

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Yikes – two days until Christmas. Where the heck does the time go?

One thing I learned this year as opposed to last year – do ALL your shopping online. The last few years I’ve started doing more online shopping – like 30% worth then 50% then last year around 75%. This year I did 100% of it online and wow – it just felt so much easier.

I also didn’t bother with price comparison. I did all my shopping at Amazon and just went with whatever price they had. Most of the time I was saving money anyway and more importantly – boy was it hassle free.

Also I made sure to wrap gifts as SOON as they arrived. In previous years I’d wrap them all on the last day – but oh man does that ever become a massive hassle when you have a zillion presents to wrap.

Oh well – all done and dusted now.

With Christmas, some sports take breaks. We’ll see what we have, and see what we can do in regard to the betting action. I’m sure we’ll find some things to bet on each day – even if we have to give betting tips for a few days in advance.

Tonight is the last night for NHL action, then they are on break until Saturday, December 27th.

The NBA has no action tomorrow either, but then they are back on Christmas day. A few good games there like Spurs vs Thunder and Lakers vs Bulls and of course the late one – Warriors vs Clippers. That should be an awesome game.

Let’s get to the betting tips though for December 23rd, 2014:

NHL Betting Tips for December 23rd:

There’s a LOT of games tonight so we’re just going to give analysis on every single one of them:

Stars vs Leafs: A tricky one with the line set at 6. Over does seem good though but with the Stars returning after that ridiculously succesful road trip in the West, you have to back them to get the win here and continue that momentum.

Sabres vs Red Wings: Like this as a low scoring game. Line is set at 5 and the Under would work there – but you may also want to do Sabres +1.5. 1.95 odds on that which is a decent price.

Predators vs Bruins: Bruins are a weird team and this is one where we think with Rinne on form, their offense on form, and the whole team really rocking it – go with the Predators.

Hurricanes vs Devils Both teams very poor but Carolina starting to amp it up quality wise. We’d go with them to get the win in a coinflip of a game.

Habs vs Islanders: Stay away. Habs have the potential to beat the Islanders, but could also get dominated.

Capitals vs Rangers: Great price on the on-form Capitals at 2.45.

Flyers vs Wild: Like the Flyers to win at 2.67 and also like the Over 5.5 here with the way both offenses are burying the goals – and their defenses conceding.

Penguins vs Lightning: Like the Lightning here with Vasilevskiy looking good in his last game.

Coyotes vs Oilers: Weird weird game. probably Coyotes worth a value bet – or if you like the Oilers, take -1.5. We’re skipping this one.

We also think Blues vs Avs could be Under 5.5 but a tad scary the way those teams can light it up, and Jets vs Hawks we’d stay away.

Have a great Christmas folks and we’ll try to find something tomorrow to bet on.