December 24th, 2015 Betting Tips: NFL, College Football

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Happy Christmas Eve to everyone out there celebrating. The sports gods didn’t give us a lot of games to work with today, saving the big NBA action for tomorrow, but there are still some nice games today including an NFL game tonight.

The San Diego Chargers are most likely playing out their last games as the team from San Diego and face the Oakland Raiders tonight. It’s been a good run, but not all that successful of one. Still, they were San Diego’s team and it’s sad to see any town potentially lose a football team. It’s sad to see in the NFL especially where they basically print money on a daily basis, but then decide towns like San Diego (one of the biggest cities in California) aren’t helping them print enough. Sports is a business and each business has the right to do what they would like. Still, it’d be nice if we could ever reach a point of satisfaction and not have football teams move in order to chase the almighty dollar.

Enough about that stuff though, it’s Christmas! Let’s win some money! We’ll start that process by picking against those same Chargers and their lousy owners.

NFL Betting Tips:

The Chargers are bad. So bad. They’re 4-10 on the season and come into this one having scored only three points in three out of their last five games. The other two games were (surprisingly) wins, but those came against the Dolphins and Jaguars. Not exactly tough opponents. Plus, they are without their top wide receiver as Keenan Allen will not play.

Tonight should be a good one for fans of the Raiders as I expect them to roll in this one. Derek Carr has been looking like the quarterback that Raiders fans have been waiting for years for and I think he’ll have a nice game today. The Raiders -5.5 is a strong play as we see them winning by a touchdown or more.

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College Football Betting Tips:

The big game today is the Hawaii Bowl featuring Cincinnati and San Diego State. Both of these teams are pretty beat up and without quarterbacks. The big missing name is Gunner Kiel of Cincinnati who has been out for most of the year. He was expected to play earlier in the week, but now it looks unlikely. This is a great defense vs. offensive match-up. Cincy averages over 559 yards per game while SDSU allows just 288 yards per game. The lack of Kiel hurts Cincinnati, but the running game should decide this one. San Diego is great running the ball for over 235 yards per game. While Cincinnati has had a hard time stopping it. That should be the deciding factor of this one as San Diego should run all over Cincy in this one. San Diego State -2.5 is a great play tonight and their fans should have a great Christmas celebrating in Hawaii.

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