December 2nd, 2015 Betting Tips: Leafs vs Jets

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Welcome to the Sports Betting Tips for Wednesday, December 2nd.

I still miss betting on the golf every Wednesday. There’s tournaments going on right now – the Nedbank Golf Challenge, the Hero World Challenge, and the Australian PGA Championship but we’re sort of on hiatus right now plus there’s a lot of unknown variables we aren’t too happy with.

It was a huge night in sports last night as the 76ers finally won a freaking game! Who would have thought it? And over the Lakers too. Poor poor Lakers.

Let’s get to the free betting tips for December 2nd, 2015:

NHL Betting Tips:

4 games tonight – let’s get tips in all of them shall we?

Leafs vs Jets: It’s not known at this time if Sparks or Bernier will be in net – and that really is a bit of a problem. So we’re going to open that one up for you to bet once you hear the news.

If Bernier is in net, bet the Jets in regulation. The fact is he is in a horrible spot right now and if you’ve watched the Leafs play with him in net? There’s just zero confidence there. It’s quite sad to watch really and the Jets should dominate. I honestly don’t see any way back for Bernier.

If Sparks is in net we have to take a value bet on the Leafs at around +160 or +170 depending on where you bet. (Get +170 at the sportsbook linked below). We don’t think he is THAT good but we do think he will give the Leafs an absolute ton of confidence tonight which they will use and play like it was Reimer in net.

Battle of New York: An interesting one. Rangers are the better team for sure – but the Islanders have had a good few results while the Rangers are struggling a little bit over the last few games. We feel that with this being the very first game of 5 for the season between the two that they will be doing absolutely anything and everything to win. So based on that we will be taking the Over 5 Goals in this one.

Bruins vs Oilers: This one really is decided for us by the odds. The Bruins are about 1.80 to win. That’s an incredible price. We thought it would be more like 1.55 or something but nope it’s -120. What an insane price. We could easily justify the Oilers winning this game. I mean Boston a bit shaky on the road lately, Oilers at home. But have you seen these two teams play lately? Boston are looking tremendous and we always love to back a hot NHL team. On top of that going up against the coldest team in the NHL the Edmonton Oilers? Yeah take the Bruins.

Lightning vs Ducks: A bit of an iffy one here. Tampa have actually beaten Ducks in the last 3 games but I am getting good vibes from the Ducks going into this one. I think it will be tight but I expect the Ducks to march out as the victors. Take the Anaheim Ducks to beat the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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