December 5th, 2014 Betting Tips: Blackhawks vs Habs, Lots of NBA Action

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Welcome to the Sports Betting Tips for December 5th, 2014.

We’re heading into a big weekend with a lot of key NFL games going on. We picked up a nice win in the NFL last week picking the Cowboys over the Bears. They did that with ease in a dominant victory.

We’ve also got the English Premier League, which kicks off early tomorrow with Newcastle vs Chelsea. The big game takes place late in the day though with Manchester City vs Everton. That should be a good one.

But before all that we’ve for Friday to think about. A full board of NBA games tonight but just 3 NHL games. Perfect night to play some daily fantasy hockey we think.

Let’s get to it:

NHL Betting Tips for December 5th:

Only three games tonight, and of those we only have one betting tip. It’s purely a value bet with a line of 2.70 when we honestly think it should be more like 2.20.

That bet is the Chicago Blackhawks vs the Montreal Canadiens.

We’re taking the Habs. 2.70 is strong value purely based on the 5-0 drubbing the Hawks gave the Habs last month. However we feel the Habs match up well with Chicago and while they may not win, they should be 2.20 odds or best. To get 2.70 odds is honestly a steal considering the skill of the Habs.

Great price.

NBA Betting Tips for December 5th:

A lot more NBA tips tonight thankfully. Here’s what we have:

76ers +12.5: Hot off their first win of the season, the 76ers host the Thunder. Thunder are 1-8 on the road and this is an excellent line. It’s probably that high due to Durant and we’re sure he’ll have a good game – but we just think 12.5 points is too much here for the confident 76ers.

Lakers +3.5: Lakers can easily match the Celtics, and while we’ve seen Jekkyl & Hyde performances from the Lakers this season; you just have to take them here with the extra .5 for sweetness.

Magic +3.5: Jazz are just horrible at the moment. They can’t get anything going and you’d think they had never played together the way they play. Magic also don’t play too well at the moment with 6 losses in 7 games but we’ve liked what we have seem from them. There’s mentality issues there and that’s the real problem – we witnessed that in the last week. You saw what happened when they lost to the Warriors in that brutal tight game – they were useless the very next night against the Clippers. We love the Magic to bounce back tonight, pick themselves up and take the big W over the Utah Jazz.

Rockets -7: With a 7-1 away record, the Rockets are still pulling together. Sometimes when you have key injuries it’s like okay let’s play together well once or twice then drop – but that’s not happening with the Rockets. These guys are just continuing to pick up big wins and they got a massive win over the Memphis Grizzlies.

The only concern is overconfidence but we can’t see that happening. We like them to pile on the misery of the 4-13 Timberwolves, and we’re taking the Rockets -7 tonight.