December 5th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

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Hey another winning night!

I’m honestly still really surprised at that Mavs line. No play has jumped out at me like that in a good couple of weeks.

Usually I get some probably plays right off the bat but this one just seemed like a home run. It was one of those where I was busy looking for contradictory information to see if I was missing something.

Thankfully I wasn’t and the Mavs got the win.

Lets get to tonights. For the record we narrowed it down to three – Warriors -11, Lakers -9 and the one we are actually going with:

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Brooklyn Nets Betting Tips:

I have two concerns in this game. One is the Nets will be fighting hard to end their losing streak obviously. That always pushes a team on. The other is that the Thunder are a tricky team to bet on – one of those teams you never know whether you can fully back them or not.

However we’ve got Westbrook going out hard for a triple double tonight and that’s usually not the type of thing that can affect a team. Dennis Schroeder is someone who is really working out perfect for the Thunder at the moment too – allowed to give Westbrook that needed rest. We’re really seeing him step it up and he is very useful against the lesser teams in the NBA.

That should rule out complacency. Nets of course will be fighting but I think losing to Cavs is crushing. Nets are poor even at home and I think the Thunder leak out to a big lead nice and early then have the ability to maintain it.

Thunder -6.5

Let’s make it three winning nights in a row!