Denmark vs Australia Betting Tips

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On Thursday, June 21st Group C is back in action in the 2018 World Cup. The first game will be Denmark vs Australia, with France vs Peru taking place immediately following that.

Denmark come into this one with a win already under their belt, winning us a 3 unit bet in the process. Things could have been different with Cueva missing that penalty in the first half but Denmark showed a much better second half performance. Overall it was a fairly close game but Denmark will be feeling good coming out after the win.

Australia come into this one desperate after a 2-1 loss to France. It was a tight game with a lot of headline grabbing action like VAR, two penalties and an own goal. Tough to fully judge Australia in that one as while it was fairly tight, it’s obvious France still have to find their rhythm.

Betting Odds:

Denmark To Win: 1.83
Australia To Win: 5.00
Draw: 3.60

I am backing Denmark to win for 3 units. You can bet that at or read my analysis for further thoughts.

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2018/06/18 12:17:39 PM EST but are subject to change)

Denmark Analysis:

To be honest I was quite impressed with the Denmark performance. Peru were going to be really up for that game and they showed that with an energetic first half performance. Denmark really just rided that out before turning the screws in the second half.

There was some issues though. They couldn’t get Eriksen into the game at all in the first half. However goalkeeping and defensive wise they look very reliable and will be hard to break down.

It shows how good Eriksen can be too – for him to not get much action then get that great through ball for the goal is huge.

It’ll be interesting going up against Australia who are very defensive minded but will most likely have to push up a lot more if they want to get a result.

How much they utilize Eriksen or attempt to is hilarious though. When you look at the raw data, Peru were a lot better than expected and it is a credit to the Danes they got that result.

Australia Analysis:

The Aussies will be reeling off that loss and I think they’ve got to be frustrated with themselves. They looked quite happy to settle for the draw. When they went down 1-0 they seemed to open up more and if they had played like that the entire time things could be different.

They were quite happy to pass it around in their own half and really just try and ride out the game. I’d probably give Mooy a passing mark in that game and that’s about it.

Australia played a vey scared game against France and they’ll have to come out much stronger against Denmark if they want to qualify for the next rounds.

Denmark vs Australia Betting Tips:

It’s a tricky one because on paper, this one has draw all over it and if it was the first game of the tournament then I’d be placing a 5 unit bet on that most likely.

However now it’s the second game. Australia can’t play so defensively minded and yet that may open them up to Eriksen and his danger. Overall I felt they made a mistake against France – they should have pushed them more as the France chemistry wasn’t there. Meanwhile I was more impressed with Denmark as I felt Peru played a pretty darn good game and it was big to come off with the win.

I’ll go for a 3 unit bet on Denmark to win. You can bet that at