F1 American Grand Prix Betting Tips

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We had an absolute hyoooooooooge win in the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix.

I correctly called Sergio Perez to win without Max at 11.00 odds!

That wasn’t even my best win of the year. That was F1 Hungary, when I nailed the 14/1 bet on Sainz to get fastest lap.

That was quite the Grand Prix. I really wish they hadn’t cut it short as it was really fun, but thanks to the penalty Perez took 2nd behind Max, and got us the big win.

That was a 0.5u bet, and puts us at 13.45u in profit for the season. Came very close to nailing the Ricciardo Top 10 bet too and if there was another little bit of time in that race I think he could have.

We have 4 races left to the end of the season. We’ve got the United States Grand Prix tomorrow at a decent time for us people in North America which is nice. Sainz looked great in quali and it was nice to see.

Here’s my thoughts – confidence 0.25 to 1u usually.

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