F1 Australian Grand Prix 2017 Betting Tips

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It’s a grand time for motor racing fans as the Formula 1 2017 returns.

For golf fans – sorry I didn’t do the weekly golf betting tips. I was on a weeks vacation and when I returned I was swamped with work. I was hoping to get to them but the WGC had kicked off by the time I began to look and I decided to just skip it this week. I’ll be back next week with them.

But for now we’ve got the Formula 2 2017 season returning.

Quick note for new F1 fans that we’ve actually got a F1 Betting Guide section here on SBT. This covers a wide variety of F1 Betting Information. You can check our all of the available prop bets, or where you should be betting F1 online – that sort of thing.

So the F1 season begins with the Australian Grand Prix. It’s a good course and Australia has very few multiple winners. Actually of the current crop only Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton have won it twice. Hamilton was in 2008 and 2015.

Rosberg won it last year. Hamilton will be hoping to make it 3 Grand Prixs to join people like Alain Prost and Jenson Button who have won it three times.

You have to wonder though if Hamilton still has the hunger now that Rosberg is going. There was clearly a big rivalry between the two and a lot of people thought Hamilton may even walk away. Or is he going to absolutely bloody dominate this year?

Let’s get to the F1 Australian Grand Prix Betting Tips.

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F1 Australian Grand Prix Winner Bet:

I am absolutely all over Bottas to win the Australian Grand Prix. The odds are absolutely ridiculous here with Bottas 5/1 to win. Regardless of what a lot of people think of the engines etc this season you have to go with Mercedes to still have an edge until proven otherwise.

A lot of it could be just hype and so until we see how the cars perform on a regular basis, we’ve got to tip the hat to Mercedes. Bottas previously at this track has really held his own against Hamilton.

From a purely odds perspective, this has to be one of my favourite bets that I’ll make for the entire F1 season.

F1 Australian Grand Prix Points Bet:

I’ve got to go with the Dane, Kevin Magnussen to get in the points. The team were able to get a 6th place last year. Magnussen is a solid driver and has been on this podium before. 9/4 is a really nice price and he should be contending for the points no problem at all.

F1 Australian Grand Prix Fastest Lap Bet:

This is our long shot bet. Where we look at the odds and come up with a nice long shot bet. We cash in these 3-4x a season usually – just enough to be nice and profitable.

For this one we’re going with the 7/1 Kimi Raikkonen. Kimi was the fastest man in testing and I gotta say – that Ferrari looks much improved.