F1 Dutch Grand Prix 2022 Betting Tips

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It was another winning week last week with the F1 Betting Tips.

We won thanks to the very uninspiring “Max Verstappen to win a race” bet. I think at this point if he was blindfolded, he could still win. His ability to breeze through the field like that was amazing.

Then of course Ferrari did Ferrari things.

On a related note, while at the cottage I was wearing my Ferrari hat a few times. I had two separate people come up to me and say “Ferrari fan?” while tilting their head as if they were asking how I was doing after a divorce. Good times.

This week we are in Holland. Max has pole so that’s the race victor sorted unless someone accidently hits him with 30 flares or something.

Confidence bets are 0.25, 0.5 and 1u.

0.5u on Mick Schumacher NOT to get in the points at 1.83 odds

Sorry Mick. Absolutely love how you drove today. You did a fantastic freaking job and I am rooting for ya. But for him to get in the points, I think we need both a superb driving performance from him and Haas NOT to F up. While Ferrari have taking Fing it up to a whole new level this season – Haas are not far behind with dumbass decisions.

One of those bets where if I’m wrong I don’t mind too much as I like Mick. But I think it’s an +EV play.

0.5u on Lance Stroll to get in the points at 1.83 odds

It was bad luck for Aston but Stroll looked like he could have been in the top 10, and I think their race pace will be on point. It’ll be borderline but it always is with Aston.

And I’ve got two Ferrari related bets which are on the Patreon.