F1 Future Betting Tip & Season Notes

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Hi everyone,

I will be returning with F1 betting tips this weekend. Cannot wait!

Last year was a nice profit of +12.13u. I spent the break going through all the old F1 betting tips I’ve posted for free on SBT, and here are the stats with a few notes:

2014: 26-28 (+30.3u) (A 16/1 winner here with Vettel fastest lap at Brazil)
2015: 22-35 (+21.43u (Some big wins here 10/1 Both McLaren Finish at Hungary, Rosberg Grand Chelem at Mexico)
2016: 19-34 (+6.04u – profitable juuust thanks to 8/1 Max fastest lap in Brazil)
2017: 14-35 (+5.6u)
2018: No Tips
2019: 1-0 (+0.8u)
2020: No Tips
2021: No Tips
2022: 20-43 (+12.13u)

One thing I found really interesting was the fastest lap bet bailed me out, and also helped big on a couple of seasons. My good friend Craig who I go over the bets with thinks that I cannot get those wins again, due to all of the challenges to the cars over the last year.

All I heard was “Challenge Accepted”. I’m studying fastest lap data from last year, and will hopefully be doing a fastest lap side bet each week just to see how it goes.

Anyway I wanted to post to lock in an F1 futures bet.

My current betting amounts are usually 1u. Then I may drop to 0.5u or 0.25u for more speculative ones.

I have personally bet 5u on Max Verstappen to Win the Drivers Championship. Best odds I could find were 1.67 / -150.

It’s available for Canadians at Bodog, Americans at Bovada, and everyone else Bet365.

I just don’t think the other cars have caught up to Red Bull. They were 100% completely dominant last year, and I don’t think Mercedes has closed the gap. I think next season will be different, but not this year. They were so far ahead that the budget cap punishment won’t affect them as much.

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