February 28th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

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Sorry about the tips going out late yesterday on the mailing list. That seems to happen on occasion but a good thing if you didn’t check the website as it was an 0-2 night.

Vin has the Warriors on his “do not bet” list for a reason and I was reminded of why that was last night.

I really thought the Warriors would come out flying in that one but nope. Heat were up for it again and the Warriors played like trash for most of the game before showing up late.

I’m just glad that they didn’t get the win as they didn’t deserve it. The loss looks good on them.

We had the Timberwolves yesterday and well the lead tracker pretty much sums that one up:

What can ya do?

Kicking myself for not taking the Blazers yesterday but I really thought celtics would dig deep. They’re in a lot of trouble at the moment.

A busier Thursday than usual with 6 games on the board. Although 5 from a tipping perspective as I immediately close off the Warriors game. They’ll probably blow the Magic away now after last night but I ain’t touching it.

Jazz vs Nuggets Betting Tips:

This one is pretty much an auto bet for me – spread dependent – as long term it’s going to work out.

Utah Jazz just played last night. Now they have to go on the road to a rested Denver team. Any team who is on the 2nd leg of a B2B set going to Denver is going to struggle.

Jazz have played well since the post all star break and I expect a fast start from them here. On the season they’ve been pretty weak in the first quarter but their last few games have been impressive and so I expect similar here.

End of the day this is one of those scenarios where you start with a bet and play devils advocate against it. I just can’t see it. I know Jazz are always a tough team for Denver but I’ve got to think they take it here. Jazz have to be tired and the Nuggets depth will run them ragged.

https://www.Bovada.lvNuggets -7