February 29th, 2016 Betting Tips: English Championship, NBA

Welcome to the free sports betting tips for February 29th 2016.

You know what, Stephen Curry just seems to be getting more and more impressive as time goes on. Sure, he’s on this three-pointer streak, but it’s not just the record, it’s the fact he’s winning games and dragging his side kicking and screaming to wins when it looks like the Warriors are going to lose. Of course, Golden State aren’t a one-man team, far from it, but if Curry keeps on pulling out clutch performances, they’re going to be hard to beat. And to be fair, that’s all we’re really talking about in the NBA at the moment, as things are just sort of plodding along.

However, in the English Premiership, we had a flashback to the Manchester United vs Arsenal games of old, with goals galore. It’s not often you see two big teams just go at each other, but that’s what we got, and the 3-2 win for Manchester United just sums up how great the game was. In comparison, the League Cup Final between Manchester City and Liverpool was a snorefest. City won on penalties, thanks in no small part to Willy Caballero, who has been the keeper in domestic cup competitions for Manchester City this season, who saved three of Liverpool’s penalties to give Manuel Pellegrini what could be his last trophy for Manchester City. That being said, the league is still wide open, as although Leicester and Tottenham both won, Arsenal slipping up has meant there’s all to play for. You have to think, though, that if Manchester City lose their game in hand, it might end up being a two-horse race, and in that instance you’d have to fancy Spurs. Still, we’re a long way off from thinking about that just yet, and there’s many a slip between cup and lip, as the saying goes.

Now, let’s get to the free sports betting tips for February 29th 2016

English Championship Betting Tip

No English Premiership games tonight, and nothing from La Liga in Spain either, so we’re going to have a look at Brighton vs Leeds in the English Championship.

Leeds haven’t won a game in February, and going to Brighton isn’t exactly going to be much fun for a team with such little confidence. It’s 4th taking on 17th, and Brighton are coming into this off the back of a 4-0 win over Bristol City, which is undoubtedly going to have them in good spirits. All signs point to a Brighton -1 to win bet here, and they actually look great value, given that Leeds are struggling to score, and with Chris Wood still out and having to face a Brighton defence that will hopefully be bolstered Bruno and Bong, who are both back in contention, it is only going to be harder for them to find the next. Brighton are no slouches in front of goal, as their last match against Bristol City proved, and they know they have to keep the pressure on their promotion rivals, so a win here is vital. The handicap is the way to go here, and a comfortable win for Brighton, after their opponents have made the long trip down from Yorkshire, seems more than likely.

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NBA Betting Tips:

As I mentioned at the start, the NBA season seems to be in a bit of a lull at the moment. Still, there’s always betting opportunities for us to get stuck into, which is the most important thing, fireworks or no fireworks.

Pacers +8 looks to be the play here. Sure, LeBron is back for the Cavs, but they’ve really been struggling as of late, while Indiana know that any drop in form and they’ll be out of the playoff picture sooner rather than later. Sure, the Pacers might just come up short, but 8 points is a hell of a lot against a team that have lost three out of their last four, and with signs of disharmony growing in the team.

Brooklyn +13 is tonight’s other play. I like what Tony Brown has done to the Nets – their intensity just makes them more exciting to watch. They’ve averaging over 104 points at the moment, which is their season best, and it’s down to the tempo Brown has them playing at. And with confidence rising thanks to back-to-back wins, the Nets don’t look like 13 point dogs against a Clippers side still missing Blake Griffin, and with a not-fully-fit Chris Paul having to do twice as much work. Clippers will win, but 13 points is a lot to give a confident side.

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