German Grand Prix 2014 Betting Tips

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Big race weekend this weekend, with the German Grand Prix.

In the 2013 German Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton finished 1st in qualifying, with Rosberg in 11th. However it was the German Sebastian Vettel that won the race, with Hamilton ending up 5th. That was a great race for Vettel, who picked up his 30th victory with that one. Raikkonen had pushed him the entire way, finishing 1 second behind him.

This was a race where Rosberg really struggled last year, however he has picked up pole position in qualifying which is big. Bottas will be 2nd, and Massa 3rd. Vettel is in 6th spot, while last year he was 2nd – so it’s going to be hard for him to do anything this year. Not impossible though. It’s a different track of course so last years results really have little bearing on this years.

Initially, we liked Lewis Hamilton to be the winner of this race. Whenever he hasn’t messed up in qualifying, or had issues like his car breaking down – he’s beaten Rosberg easily. Of course he managed to do both in qualifying – so unfortunately, he is out.

German Grand Prix Winner: Nico Rosberg

Have to go with Rosberg to win. Unfortunately at 2/7 odds he is practically unbettable. If you want some excitement bet Hamilton at 5/1 and then just cheer him on like crazy. Why not.

German Grand Prix Podium Finish: Lewis Hamilton

Again the odds not great here. 4/9 odds. Initially we liked Vettel, especially with the high probability of rain alongside teh circuit characteristics that favour the Red Bull, and which should give them the edge. Vettel being in his home race is always good too.

At 4/1 odds – it’s much like the above one. If you want some excitement, bet on it. But it’s purely an entertainment bet.

German Grand Prix Points Finish: Nico Hulkenburg

He didn’t do great at qualifying, and again it’s not a great price at 1/3 odds, but he has raced here many times in Junior formulae, and Force India should give him a racey strategy. Should actually finish in the top 6 we expect.