Golf Bets: WGC Mexico & Puerto Rico

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Well last weeks golf tips were unfortunately a bust.

It was primarily due to the weather. I always pay attention to the weather and I didn’t see anything too crazy for the Genesis. However it ended up with a mix of wind, dryness and low humidity and it was clear that Riviera was not the course people were used to it.

It played extremely fast and the greens were not holding shots well. It was a bit like 2015 although even worse it felt.

So unfortunately none of our plays got wins last week. Impressive performance by Adam Scott however and it was very nice to see him step up like that. Rory McIlroy – man, he had the lead and blew it again. It’s why while I respect the hell out of him, and will argue all day about how he is the best golfer in the world – I’ll very rarely back him. That sort of thing happens too often.

This week we have two tournaments and honestly there isn’t much to bet on it. Let’s look at them.

WGC Mexico Championship 2020 Bets:

The only bet I am going to make is 1u on Webb Simpson to win/Top 5 at 18/1 odds. Honestly with his course form and his current form I didn’t really want to even bet that. However he stands out in the metrics too much for me to ignore.

It’s very tough to bet because this is a rare time where I can make strong cases for the top 4 guys. Usually I can look at a Justin Thomas or a Dustin Johnson and – not write them off for this tournament – but find reasons not to bet them or feel like someone else is going to pass them.

Not so here.

Out of the top 4 guys I don’t even know who I would take. It would have to be to win and I don’t know. JT and Rarm aren’t as sharp. DJ kills it here. I think given everything I would lean towards Rory. However it’s hard to back him to win.

Looking further down the card, Bryson DeChambeau is the only one I would consider. However for me the odds for him just don’t make it worth it.

So yes only the one bet.

Puerto Rico 2020 Bets:

Again a tough one. There was a few people I looked at. This was a week where I seem to really contrast with others. I read a lot of other golf handicappers and one almost unanimous pick this week for example was Tyler McCumber. However I looked into it and couldn’t see that one at all.

That made me a bit cautious this week – maybe I am missing something ya know?

So I’ve went with 2 to win and top 5 bets instead. They are Matthew Nesmith at 30/1 and David Hearn at 66/1. Both of them are just 1u.

Other contenders included Percy, Norlander, Gomez, Grillo, Lingmerth. However no-one else liked them and looking at everything, I just wasn’t super confident in any of them.

So a quiet week with the golf bets. Don’t worry I’ll be back this weekend to continue to rock the XFL.