Grand Slam of Darts 2013 Day Eight Premium Picks

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Grand Slam of Darts 2013 Day Eight Premium Picks.

Well, last night wasn’t the most exciting for darting action, and it wasn’t the greatest for the Premium Picks. For only the second night of the tournament, we had a losing night. So now we’re sitting on 18.5 units profit, and all we got in terms of action were two one-sided affairs. To be honest, though, like I said a couple of days ago, I can’t be angry at Tony O’Shea – the fact he still put in a 90+ average when he couldn’t hit a double for love nor money just sums up the overall quality of the guy – Adrian Lewis does it week in, week out, and is a two-time World Champion. O’Shea gave a good, honest performance, and luck wasn’t on his side. Robert Thornton pressured him every time he had a chance at a double, and the pressure paid off. On the flip side, Ted Hankey and Scott Waites both performed exactly how you would have expected, and the result was about what most would have expected. Waites said after the game he knew not to buy into Hankey’s mind games, and that’s what won it for him, as he was solid, unflappable and the consummate professional. So it’s going to be an interesting semi-final.

Tonight’s it’s solely PDC boys in action, with Phil Taylor renewing his rivalry with James Wade, and Adrian Lewis trying to stop the steam-train that is Kim Huybrechts. Both matches, on paper, look one-sided, but we might just end up with one surprise by the time the last double goes in.

Kim Huybrechts Vs Adrian Lewis.

You would think that after Thursday night, Lewis was a forgone conclusion. But this is Adrian Lewis we’re talking about. Remember that he’s the man that would average 107 and hit 66% of doubles one night, then go out, average 83 and hit 1 double out of 10, he’s just the most up and down player on the PDC Tour. That being said, there’s no denying his performance against Michael van Gerwen was unbelievable, and proof that he’s playing well on the back of his run at the Masters, where “man flu” was what really beat him. Kim Huybrechts has been playing to a solid level. He’s done nothing too flashy, although almost beating Michael van Gerwen would have gone down as flashy, considering he started that match like a house on fire. But Huybrechts has been solid, with a 94.82 average. Lewis is on 96.45, so it’s very, very close. Looking at the highest checkout, Lewis has a 120, Huybrechts 117. Lewis has 22 180s, Huybrechts has 16. The stats really do have it close. But the bookies can split them. I’m interested in the head-to-head, which Huybrechts leads 5-3, with their last televised match at the World Cup being won comfortably by Huybrechts. Their last two meetings have been 6-5 in the favour of Lewis. So, on stats and previous history, it needs to be closer than the books have it. The Belgian is value here, and we’re going to get a run for our money.

Kim Huybrechts to beat Adrian Lewis Best price 2/1.

Recommend: 2 units.

Adrian Lewis highest match checkout over 124.5 Best price 5/6.

Recommend: 2 units.

Phil Taylor Vs James Wade

You know, I could write sentence and sentence about how well Phil Taylor has played, but I don’t think I need to, do I? He’s averaging 105.9 for the tournament, has a highest checkout of 147 and has his 12 180s in 31 legs. Oh, he’s also only lost 6 legs in 4 matches. So I’m going to leave it at that. Well, apart from the fact he smashed James Wade 10-1 a couple of weeks ago, with Wade throwing a mini-tantrum because Taylor threw away an old flight. As for Wade, like Huybrechts he’s been playing a solid game this week, averaging 94.09 and doing his business professionally. Can he win tonight? Probably not, and I wouldn’t be backing him at 6/1. He’s beat everyone he’s faced, but he’s not faced anyone in the form of Phil Taylor. The 10-1 win over Paul Nicholson was impressive, but Nicholson was shocking. He won’t get that against Taylor, and he’ll need to bump his average up by another 6 points, which he IS capable of, but I can’t see it happening. Look for another Taylor demolition, as I think he’s angry at Wade. And an angry Taylor could do a number on The Machine. Taylor will be looking to humiliate Wade, so look for big, showboating finishes, and an absolute pummeling.

Highest checkout in Taylor vs Wade match over 135.5: Best price 5/6.

Recommend: 1.5 units.

Phil Taylor -7.5 legs to beat James Wade Best price Evens

Recommend: 2 units.

That’s all for the eight day of Grand Slam of Darts, we’ll be back tomorrow with the semi-finals.