Grand Slam of Darts 2013 Day Nine Premium Picks

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Grand Slam of Darts 2013 Day Nine Premium Picks.

Back to the early start today for the darts, with the two semi-finals kicking off at 1pm, and it’s Scott Waites versus Robert Thornton taking to the oche first, followed by another clash between Adrian Lewis and Phil Taylor. All four men are deserving of their places in the semi-finals, with all four putting in solid performances in the knockout stages, never looking in too much trouble.

We hit the bar again with the tips last night, with Taylor blowing a 9-2 lead to win 16-12 – I was convinced the handicap line was about to be crushed. The highest checkout in the game came in comfortably thanks to Taylor. And then Kim Huybrechts let us down, and Lewis just couldn’t fire in a big enough finish.

Scott Waites Vs Robert Thornton.

A huge match for both men, but Scott Waites has been here before, and he’s tasted success here, too. The interesting stat here is the tournament average for both men. Robert Thornton has a tournament average of 93.86, while Waites has a 91.76. Thornton has 17 maximums, Waites has 14, Thornton has a 161 checkout, and Waites has a 146. So, on paper Thornton is the man to beat. However, the most important thing to remember is that Scott Waites is the current BDO World Champion, and a Grand Slam of Darts champion, too. He’s done it on the big stage, showed a lot of bottle, while Thornton hasn’t reached the peaks of the Yorkshireman. Plus, Waites is yet to lose at this year’s Grand Slam, while Thornton did lose to Andy Hamilton, albeit 5-4. We’re also going to get a lot of legs, and both men are fantastic on the combination finishes. So, with around 30 legs expected, we’re going to get a lot of chances to beat the 135.5 line, and two men who are more than capable, and have already done it during the tournament.

Scott Waites to beat Robert Thornton Best price 10/11.

Recommend: 2.5 units.

Highest checkout in Waites Vs Thornton match over 135.5 Best price 5/6.

Recommend: 2.5 units.

Phil Taylor Vs Adrian Lewis

This pair have met 50 times competitively, and Phil Taylor has 41 wins over Adrian Lewis. But, to be fair to Lewis here, he’s playing some of the best darts of his life right now, getting to the final of the Masters, and beating Michael van Gerwen and Kim Huybrechts comprehensively en route to the semi-finals. Of course, Taylor has done the same, looking every inch the legend that he is. Taylor’s averaging just over 104 for the tournament, while Lewis is back on 97.19, but he’s looking dangerous – he averaged 100.16 last night and 105.24 against Michael van Gerwen. That being said, I can’t see Lewis taking the match, simply because Taylor has never once looked in trouble, even in the group stages; he’s doing his thing and no-one has been able to get near him. And then there was the Master Final, where Taylor did a number on him, even though Lewis was under the weather. The market to look at here is the highest checkout. Taylor is the man for the big combination finishes, and Lewis is going to have to hit them to stand a chance.

Highest checkout in Taylor vs Lewis match over 135.5: Best price 5/6.

Recommend: 2.5 units.

That’s all for the semi-finals. If I can find an angle on the final, and the bookies get their prices up in time, I’ll be back then.