January 2nd, 2020 NBA Betting Tips

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There was no tips yesterday and that was probably for the best.

The Bucks were -17 which was too much for me however the way they have been blowing out teams, I couldn’t back against them. If anything involving the Bucks I think you can only take them in a game. So avoiding that one worked out as the Bucks scraped the win by 2 points.

I felt like the Wizards could cover the 6.5 point spread however they have been a team that have let me down this season a lot. I decided to stay away and it was the right move as they got blown out.

Lakers was -11 and I figured the Suns would keep up with them so I stayed away. Right move as the Lakers went to sleep in the 4th and the Suns covered the spread. Would have been an exciting end if we took Suns +11 but wouldn’t have been a good pick.

The Knicks stunned the Blazers with a 117-93 win. That one I would have taken the Blazers if it wasn’t for the streaks both teams had going into the games.

So it’s Thursday, January 2nd and we’ve got 9 games on the board. Let’s see what we got:

Heat vs Raptors Betting Tips:

Whenever the Raptors are getting points you have to pay attention to them. They are getting 5.5 points here.

They lost to the Heat last time in overtime however despite some injuris they are generally playing well right now and running teams close regardless.

The Miami Heat are coming off an absolutely brutal game against the Wizards.

Raptors first home loss of the season was against the Heat and you know they will want to respond to that. Heat will be without Justice Winslow.

I think the Raptors will run the Heat close here. Who knows maybe it will be a statement game for the Heat however despite all the injuries the Raptors are plugging along and keeping games close.

https://www.Bovada.lvRaptors +5.5

Jazz vs Bulls Betting Tips:

This one almost feels like a trap by the bookies but whatever I’m falling into it.

Bulls have an illness bug sweeping the locker room so won’t be at 100%. They were also completely exposed by the Bucks and I think that was a humbling defeat for them. While some teams may use it to bounce back I just don’t think the Bulls will do that. It was a big reality check for the team the minute Giannis & co flxed their muscles.

The Bulls second half performances continue to be brutal.

The Jazz come in looking good. A lot of big wins lately and their offense is ticking.

It’s hard to see by the Jazz here.

https://www.Bovada.lvJazz -3.5