Jets vs Colts; NHL Quick Hits

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NFL tonight will see the New York Jets take on the Indianapolis Colts.

The point spread is Jets +10.5. They are coming in off that great victory over the Bengals. Colts come in after that tight loss to the Titans.

You’ve got a confident New York Jets team who seem pumped to play for Mike White. You’ve got a Colts team who while they can be tricky – Pittman was great last week – when you break down the results, it’s hard to see a blowaway game for them.

Bengals could have just been complacent and that may have been a one-off but TNF can be weird; I’m happy to ride Jets +10.5 tonight. That’s even if Davis doesn’t play as they still got it going against the Bengals.

Quick thoughts on each NHL game today:

Bruins vs Wings: No play here. My gut says Bruins take it but the in regulation odds aren’t great. If you are looking for a play for this one though and you don’t mind going slightly below 1.70 this is worth plying.

Canadiens vs Islanders: Habs still haven’t really shown anything this season. Personally I really like Islanders in regulation. Happy with either Sorokin or Varlamov in net and I think Habs will struggle big time to score against them.

Penguins vs Flyers: Flyers as underdogs seems silly especially with Crosby out. If Pens win so be it but Philly are playing well and I will be taking them tonight.

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Leafs vs Lightning: Not touching anything involving Leafs at the moment.

Senators vs Knights: Ditto for Knights.

Panthers vs Capitals: Odds are very tricky. I like Panthers to win BUT at +130 I think Caps has value in that line. No play for me.

Flames vs Stars: I’d like Flames to get back on track here after that Preds game. Stars have yet to win in regulation but taken five games to OT. Stars do play tight. At a glance I lean on Flames incl OT/SO but not sure the odds are good enough. I will probably ride them in regulation myself, despite how close the Stars have made a lot of games. Flames are good.

Kraken vs Sabres: Solid value on Buffalo here. Kraken are not that great a team and Buffalo have had some good performances. That San Jose one sucked and I think they can pick themselves up here. Good value play.

Sharks vs Blues: Sharks been king of the upsets this season so it’s hard to back against them. I lean Blues but think the odds are not good enough.

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