July 19th, 2015 Betting Tips: WWE Battleground

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Today is WWE PPV day, and we’re going to do a special just on that. What can we say? We’re huge wrestling fans, and we love to bet on it. You may laugh about betting on wrestling but considering regular wagers of $50, we’ve made over $6,000 in the last couple of years betting wrestling. Can’t beat it.

Before we talk about Battleground though – man, how frustrating was the golf. We had Lydia Ko to win the LPGA at 8/1 and she was in the lead on the back 9 today, but then she dropped a stroke and finished tied for 2nd. So bloody frustrating.

And of course we have Dustin Johnson to win the Open but all of the mess that occurred on Saturday seemed to affect him – he just couldn’t get going today, and it wasn’t that great. But oh well – one more day and we are bloody pumped to spend our Monday watching golf here at the Sports Betting Tips office.

Let’s get onto the wrasslin:

WWE Battleground 2015 Betting Tips:

It’s a big PPV headlined by Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins so let’s start with that one.

Lot of rumours about the Undertaker being involved. It would make sense for Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker at Summerslam if that’s the case. Either way this one is a mixed bag and there’s gotta be interference – so it’s highly possible either guy could get a screwjob win or a DQ win. We just can’t see them putting the title back on Lesnar unless it’s for a quick switch to Undertaker at Summerslam. Only logical booking we could see there is Lesnar winning then Taker returning to take it from him. Either way – Seth Rollins +170 is a great price.

We’re also going to take The New Day to beat the Prime Time Players. They are +145. We correctly predicted their win at the last PPV and it made perfect sense at the time. However neither team have progressed well since that show and it makes sense to get the titles back on The New Day and get them strong.

We’re also going to take Kevin Owens to beat John Cena. It just makes sense. Owens is a tremendous character and he deserves to win here and evolve his career. A loss for him would be catastrophic in terms of pushing him through that glass ceiling. Let’s hope WWE wisen the hell up.

In our final betting tip of the show we’re going to advise Randy Orton +105. Orton vs Sheamus is such a weird match to throw and normally we’d advise go with Sheamus but with him holding the briefcase, WWE traditional history dictates they can job him out like crazy as it won’t matter when he cashes in.

So we will take Orton to get the win here.

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