March 16th, 2020 Betting Tips

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1-0-1 last night.

We took the over in the Aldosivi vs. Racing Club in Argentina – Superliga Cup action and it came in easily. The total on this one was just two goals, but Racing Club won an exciting game by a final score of 4-3. This was a weird game because Racing Club had possession for 70% of the time and had 20 shots on goal compared to 8 shots on goal, but Aldosivi really made them count.

The push came in for Unifacisa vs. Sao Paulo in the Brazilian basketball league of NBB. We took Sao Paulo -3 based on their strong play of late and they continued their winning streak, but didn’t fully cover the spread. The final score was 106-103. Sao Paulo lead this one pretty much the whole way, but a 36-31 fourth quarter took away what once looked like an easy cover.

We have entered the part of the sports schedule where the NFL is dealing with their free agents. We have players like Dak Prescott getting the franchise tag to stop other teams from offering him a contract. Cowboys haters are having a laugh at that one right now. Then you have stars like Jimmy Graham of the Packers and Desmond Trufant of the Falcons getting their releases. I’m sure these guys are fine financially and are likely to find new homes in free agency, but it is such a weird look in this world to see people basically getting fired.

My goal with these posts is to find some things that we can all enjoy betting on. Yesterday was a nice profitable day, but those games were difficult to watch for many. Today, I am going to try something different and find some things that we can all enjoy betting on.

Notable Upcoming Bets:

Event: Type of Bet: Props: Where To Bet:
MLB Adjusted Run Lines Yes
WWE Futures Champions End of 2021 Yes
Popcorn Eating World Championship Yes BetOnline
Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Tons of unique props Yes BetOnline

Weather Betting Tips:

That’s right, weather.

Right now, Bovada has odds on the high temperatures of a number of American cities. This is what it looks like:

Let’s start with Chicago for March 17th. The over/under here is set at 49 degrees Fahrenheit for the high and this looks like a clear under to me. The high on has the high set at 45 degrees. That’s within a few degrees and could hit over, but there are factors I am looking at here. It’s going to rain there today, it’s expected to rain there Wednesday, and it’s expected to be cloudy on Tuesday. Two days of rain sandwiching a cloudy day feels like a dreary day that won’t exceed the high.

Bet Chicago Under 49 degrees Fahrenheit on March 17th

I am also looking at Phoenix, Arizona for tomorrow. The high is currently set at 72 degrees, but has a high listed of 74. Considering today’s high is 78 and it is expected to be mostly clear skies tomorrow, I am going over with this one.

Bet Phoenix Over 72 degrees Fahrenheit on March 17th

CS:GO Flashpoint Betting Tips:

We had some success betting this Counter Strike: Global Offensive game before so let’s try it again. You can watch this league on twitch. These games are played in a best of three series.

I am looking at Havu Gaming vs CONtact Gaming today. This game has a really close line with CONtact being favored by just -160 and the spread on this one having Havu +1.5 at a whopping -265. These lines seem to me like this one is fully expected to go three games with CONtact being just a slight favorite.

Despite that, over 2.5 games is only -110. I think it’s highly likely that we see a three game series here so we are betting that over.

Bet Havu Gaming/CONtact Gaming Over 2.5 games