March 18th, 2020 Betting Tips

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A 2-0 record on yesterday’s weather.

We took the under on Chicago with a high of 49 degrees Fahrenheit. It ended up being a cooler day with a high of 47. That got us the win there. Then we also took the over in Phoenix, Arizona where the high of the day was set at 72 degrees. The weather got up to 74 degrees to cash that ticket as well.

On Monday, we also bet CS:GO Flashpoint, but like so many other things in this world that ended up being postponed. I think esports could pick back up with people playing their video games at home, but would it be the same without the crowds? That sounds funny to say, but so many people base their sports viewing on the TV audience so why wouldn’t it apply here?

This will be readily apparent tonight in professional wrestling. We have All Elite Wrestling Dynamite tonight and they will continue to put on their show during this time with no fans in front of them. I think they are going to make the best of a bad situation and I fully expect this show to be an entertaining one. I was disappointed to see that none of the sportsbooks are offering odds on their TV matches like they do for the pay-per-views, but hopefully as this thing goes on – they will start adding them.

Speaking of professional wrestling, Graeme and I recorded another episode of our podcast Going Over: Bet Pro Wrestling. We are building up to WrestleMania on April 5th (which is still happening) with a look back at some of the biggest upsets in WrestleMania history. Long time readers of the site may recognize some of these. You can listen to the podcast on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Or you can listen to it right here.

Notable Upcoming Bets:

Event: Type of Bet: Props: Where To Bet:
MLB Adjusted Run Lines Yes
WWE Futures Champions End of 2021 Yes
Popcorn Eating World Championship Yes BetOnline
Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Tons of unique props Yes BetOnline

The other big sports news is that Tom Brady appears to be headed to the Tampa Bay Bucaneers which has already shifted the NFL Championship futures. A look at the current odds for the top teams:

Kansas City Chiefs +500
Baltimore Ravens +650
San Francisco 49ers +750
New Orleans Saints +1100
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1200
New England Patriots +1800
Seattle Seahawks +1800

Brady will be a big addition to that team and they have some outstanding receivers and some money to spend. Super Bowl bound though? That’s a bit iffy.

Cactus Tour – Moon Valley Classic Betting Tips:

There is actually some golf happening with a tournament starting today. You’ll need to have these bets in by 3:00 eastern if you want to bet on this tournament. The Cactus Tour is a women’s professional league centered on the west coast. It takes place in Phoenix, Arizona.

I am not going to go crazy on units here as I know little about the course and the players, but I did get a look at recent form and found one golfer I love here.

Britney Yada +4000 looks like a fantastic play. Over her past six tournaments, she has two first place finishes, three top-7 and 11th place. She has been in the mix in every tournament and I fully expect her to continue that trend here.