March 29th, 2015 Betting Tips: Wrestlemania 31

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It is Sunday, and it’s going to be an epic bloody sports day.

We have International Football. We have F1 Malaysia. We have WWE Wrestlemania 31. And we have golf!

For those following our golf tips, here’s what we have:

  • PGA: Jordan Spieth 2nd, Zach Johnson 4th, Kevin Na 9th.
  • European: George Coetzee & David Horsey both 4th.
  • LPGA: Cristie Kerr 3rd.

Very exciting stuff.

Today we’re dedicating the sports tips to WWE Wrestlemania 31 because by gosh, we love our wrestling.

WWE Wrestlemania 31 Betting Tips:

So we’ve analyzed the full card. There are quite a few matches we won’t mention here. Why? Because you shouldn’t bet on it. Sting vs HHH for example. Sting is -700, HHH is +400. Will Sting win? Probably. But it’s not worth the risk of betting at -700. I mean, HHH could easily win then take a few death drops and stinger splashes afterwards.

The only ones we’ll mention are the bets you should actually make:

Roman Reigns to Win. Reigns is -110 as of this writing, a very nice price. Look, WWE have had their opportunites to stop the Reigns push. They haven’t. Vince is a stubborn man, and I’m happy to bet at -110 odds that WWE go full freaking hog with this and have him win.

If they don’t turn him heel either at Mania or the night after by superman punching the hell out of Daniel Bryan though – I’ll freaking riot.

Rusev to Win. I understand for sure that it’s likely Cena will win. It honestly looks like the Rusev feud is a repeat of the Bray Wyatt feud, and Cena won at Mania against him. However WWE have put a lot into Rusev and Cena is not the guy that needs to take that undefeated run away from him, nor the title. Rusev has done wonders with the US Title. It’s likely that we’ll have CENAWINSLOL, but Rusev at +275 is a solid price.

Randy Orton to Win. WWE seem to have no problem having Seth Rollins lose. And really – Rollins is so awesome he can lose and it doesn’t matter. He’s such a great performer. Orton on his return and trying to get revenge is good for the win. I’d put this at 50/50 odds and with Orton +125, there’s value there.

Sheamus to win the Battle Royal: I hate Sheamus, but the office love the big fella. They really do. And he is expected to make his return and win it. Let’s be honest: Mizdow winning would be freaking cool, but WWE clearly don’t care that much about the battle royal anymore. They’ll give this to Sheamus. Remember they treat him as a main eventer. He’s taking this down.

Usos to win the Tag Match. +400 is an incredibly good price for the Usos to win it. They’re the hometown heroes – you have to place a bet there.

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