May 12th, 2015 Betting Tips: NBA Playoffs, MLB and NHL Playoffs

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Last night was the night when the two quote-unquote “three point shooting teams” finally seemed to get back on track in their series as the Warriors crushed the Grizzlies and the Hawks beat the Wizards, with both games on the road. Golden State was especially impressive as they finally seemed to make the proper adjustments that Memphis can’t counter with their roster and should be able to close this series up by the weekend. It also helped that the MVP Steph Curry played like the MVP.

Tonight we see the NBA Playoffs roll on with the Chicago versus Cleveland series heading back to Cleveland and the Clippers looking to close out the Rockets in Houston. We also have the NHL Playoffs picking back up with the suddenly frisky Canadiens heading down to Tampa looking to extend the series. There is also a full slate of baseball games including some interesting interleague match-ups. We have a lot to cover so let’s get to the betting tips.

NHL Playoffs Betting Tips:

There is only one word I would use to describe the Lightning/Canadiens series: WILD. This series has seriously been an adventure with a ton of crazy things happening in it. I can’t say if it will end tonight, but I do expect some fireworks. Fireworks usually means goals so we’re betting over 4.5 goals.

MLB Betting Tips:

Outside of being on the road, is there any reason that the Cardinals should be underdogs tonight? They have the better record on the season (by a lot), the better pitcher, the better bullpen and the better offense? What am I missing? Cardinals +117 is a lock.

Speaking of lines that look like a steal, over 8 runs in the Oakland versus Boston game is another great one. Both pitchers have ERAs in the fives and both teams are scoring over 4.5 runs per game. Pomeranz of Okaland has especially struggled lately and Boston’s bats should make him pay. Boston +125 is another strong play tonight.

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NBA Playoffs Betting Tips:

We’ll start with the Los Angeles Clippers and Houston Rockets as that game is the easiest to pick. The Clippers -2.5 is a lock. In the last two games, the Clippers have taken the Rockets will to live and this game is simply a formality. Whenever Austin Rivers is having career games against the number two seed in the West, it’s over.

The big game tonight is, of course, the Chicago Bulls going against Lebron James and the Cavs. This series gave us two of the weekend’s most exciting games as they traded wins (and buzzer beaters) in Chicago. Everyone wants to talk about the controversy of game four with the missed timeout by Blatt and Lebron hitting the clutch shot, but the real story should be just how close these two have been in the last two games. Lebron is doing a heroic performance right now carrying his beat-up team and it’s hard to see how it can continue to last without some help. The Bulls +5.5 is our pick tonight based off of just how beat-up the Cavs are and how close the last two games have been. This series should be close the rest of the way so lines that big will not be taken for granted.

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